Henry Cavill Rumored Back As Superman For ‘Shazam’ 2


It’s being claimed that Henry Cavill might be back as Superman for Shazam! 2 which will pit him in an epic battle with Zachary Levi.

The rumor says Henry Cavill as Superman will come under the control of Mister Mind, the only survivor of a mind-controlling race of worms from Venus, who was teased in the Shazam! post-credit scene, and that Cavill will be a part of a small scene in Shazam! 2.

Just as I have said myself, the rumor claims that Dwayne Johnson wants to use Henry Cavill, and as has been previously been reported, The Rock wants a DC shared universe; Henry Cavill is also rumored for Black Adam 2.

As I have pointed out many times, Henry Cavill’s manager is Dany Garcia, the former wife and business partner of Dwayne Johnson and producer on the Shazam! and Black Adam flicks, so of course, it makes sense for them to want to bring back Henry Cavill as Superman.

Henry Cavill did recently say he is going to fight for the role and not give up, and he has seen big-time success and popularity with the Netflix The Witcher series, which has certainly bolstered his chances of returning as Superman among Warner Bros. execs.

Cavill was originally supposed to cameo in Shazam! but, reportedly, talks broke down between Garcia and WB over getting Cavill a new contract with more money. 

Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel

Henry Cavill returning as Superman?

Regarding having Superman fight Shazam in a sequel, that might be a stretch as things didn’t go too well with Superman as more or less a “bad” guy in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, so now they are going to do more of the same? Maybe, but I think fans are tired of the Superman “Dark Knight” approach which has proven not to work and that they want the hopeful and inspiring version they are all accustomed to. That said, I still wouldn’t complain if Henry Cavill returned in Shazam 2 under the mind control of Mister Mind, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Supes kicking the crud out of Levi.

Additional info put out by the scoopers includes the rumor of Henry Cavill playing Wolverine for Marvel is not true, though it has been said by the same scoopers Henry Cavill is still wanted by Marvel, but if he does return as Superman that obviously will not be happening.

I’ve also been told J.J. Abrams is going to take on both Superman and Green Lantern and will recast the Man of Steel with a younger actor to fit with the Robert Pattinson Batman. Keep in mind that Abrams is best buds with The Batman director Matt Reeves, and I have also been told it involves a DCEU reboot of some sort along with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Obviously things change, so it remains to be seen what WB does with Superman.

Following me releasing the info about Abrams taking on Superman and Henry Cavill seemingly out, the fan response has been overwhelmingly in favor of keeping Cavill as Superman, so perhaps that may still be the plan. Of course, another option is that since WB is now promoting the DCEU as the “DC Multiverse,” that the Abrams Superman and the Reeves Batman could be a part of a separate universe and not a part of the DCEU.

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