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‘The Batman’ Box Office Passes Half A Billion

The Batman has now officially passed a half-billion dollars at the box office. As of Wednesday, The Batman has brought in a worldwide gross of $505.8 million, with a current domestic haul of $258.3 million and a foreign gross of $247.5 million. Warner Bros Pictures Chairman Toby Emmerich said in a statement (via Deadline), “We couldn’t be more

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‘The Batman’ May Hint At Bane

The Batman movie may be hinting at Bane as a certain scene in the movie might reference the character. Note: Spoilers follow. The Batman might feature the Venom drug Toward the end of The Batman when the Riddler floods Gotham City, Batman is fighting Riddler’s army in the arena and has to save Catwoman.  Well,

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‘The Batman’ Riddler Viral Campaign Teases Spoiler

The Riddler might be done just yet judging from a viral marketing campaign for The Batman that continues after the movie. Note: Spoilers follow. The Batman post-credit scene riddle The Batman post-credit scene happens to feature the Riddler offering goodbye and flashing the website on the screen and while initially, fans had to decipher riddles

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Superman, Wonder Woman Cut From ‘The Batman’

Both Superman and Wonder Woman were cut from The Batman by director Matt Reeves. Note: Slight spoilers follow for The Batman. Matt Reeves has four hour cut of The Batman Back in October of 2020, set images and video surfaced which featured a look at people wearing Superman and Wonder Woman Halloween costumes (see below),

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‘The Batman’ Box Office Off To Strong Start

The Batman box office is off to a strong start as the Matt Reeves directed movie starring new Dark Knight Robert Pattinson has brought in $21.6 million for its previews. Those previews include early Tuesday and Wednesday fan screenings which brought in $4 million as well as Thursday preview day where The Batman brought in $17.6

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‘The Batman’ Rotten Tomatoes Score Is In

The Batman Rotten Tomatoes Score is in as the flick is getting released this week including Wednesday and Thursday early screenings. Presently, there are only 16 reviews accounted for, with all but one positive as The Batman Rotten Tomatoes Score is at a 94%. Update: The score got as high as 96% with around 70 reviews,

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‘The Batman’ Sequel In Early Development

The Batman sequel is in early development as director Matt Reeves has confirmed talks are currently underway. While appearing at the Red Carpet premiere for The Batman in London (check out images below), Reeves talked about the universe they are creating with the mention of a sequel. “I really believe in what we’ve done and

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Superman Standalone Batman-Style Movie Said To Be Not An Option

With The Batman looking likely that it will be a billion-dollar hit, some fans are wondering if Superman could get the same treatment, meaning standalone movies not connected to a greater universe or any other of the Justice League characters, which is the same route the Christopher Nolan movies took as well, which were all

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‘The Batman’ Gets A China Release

Sorry Marvel, The Batman is getting a big China release as stars Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, and Paul Dano announce the news in the following video which all but guarantees the flick will probably hit a billion dollars at the box office. “Hello, my Chinese friends. I am Robert Pattinson,” says the new

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‘The Batman’ Box Office Opening Expected Well Over A Hundred Million

The Batman opens next month with early estimates offering the box office will open well over a hundred million dollars, which isn’t too surprising. Box Office Pro offers that The Batman could open anywhere from $135 million to $185 million, which is a wide range. Factors that will come into play regarding the box office include

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‘The Batman’ Character Posters Unmask The Truth

The Batman character posters have been released which tease to unmask the truth and feature Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Colin Farrell. In addition to the posters, new spots have also been released as advanced tickets go on sale Thursday, February 10, and it’s announced the score for the film will get released this

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‘The Batman’ Tickets On Sale Next Week; Watch Extended Scene

The Batman tickets go on sale next week Thursday and watch an extended scene from the movie featuring Paul Dano as the Riddler. The movie also happens to be featured in the latest issue of Total Film magazine which sports a pair of covers to promote the film. The truth about Gotham is coming. Are

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‘The Batman’ Runtime Revealed

The Batman runtime is confirmed which will make it one of the longest-running comic book movies and the longest of all the flicks featuring and starring DC’s caped crusader in the titular role. It’s confirmed that without the credits, Matt Reeves’s The Batman runtime stands at 2 hours and 47 minutes or 167 minutes in length.

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