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Lady Gaga Confirms ‘Joker’ 2 In Announcement Video

Lady Gaga confirms involvement in Joker 2 as the actress and singer posted the following announcement video on social media. The post also confirms Joaquin Phoenix is back in the role, the official title of the film, and the release date: Joker: Folie à Deux 10.04.24. The teaser features silhouettes of Phoenix as Joker/Arthur Fleck and Lady Gaga’s

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‘Joker’ 2 Rumors Include Rape Scenes, Decapitations, Torture

A batch of Joker 2 plot rumors have hit the net which comes off pretty wild as it’s claimed the sequel features rape scenes, decapitation, and torture scenes, and is described as “50 times more violent than any other mainstream comic-book movie we’ve seen.” The rumor comes from the site World of Reel which admits

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Lady Gaga Rumored For ‘Joker’ 2; Possibly As Harley Quinn

Rumors are offering that director Todd Phillips has cast Lady Gaga opposite Joaquin Phoenix in Joker 2, possibly as Harley Quinn. The rumor comes about via older casting rumors that have resurfaced and says Phillips originally wanted Rooney Mara to play the female lead in Joker 2 but is now going with Lada Gaga. In addition,

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Todd Phillips Confirms ‘Joker’ 2 With Joaquin Phoenix

Director Todd Phillips confirms Joker 2 is in development as the director teases the script on Instagram and confirms Joaquin Phoenix. Phillips posted two images on Instagram with the cover of the Joker 2 script which states “Joker Folie à Deux,” which translates to “Joker Madness for Two,” and we see it’s again written by Phillips and

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‘Joker’ Sequel Rumored For 2023 Start

The Joker sequel starring Joaquin Phoenix looks to get underway in 2023, according to a new rumor. It’s claimed that the first draft of the script is complete and the film will begin shooting sometime in 2023. No further details are known about Joker 2 but following the first movie’s billion-dollar shocking success, it’s been

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‘Joker’ 2 Underway With Todd Phillips Returning

It’s learned that Joker 2 is underway with director and writer Todd Phillips back for the sequel to the hit 2019 movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime. The info comes from Phillips’ lawyer via THR where it’s noted: “Todd Phillips struck a deal to co-write the next Joker installment.” The news isn’t all that

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David Fincher Wrong About Joaquin Phoenix ‘Joker’

David Fincher, known for directing Se7ven, Fight Club, The Social Network, Gone Girl, and the Mindhunter TV series, isn’t a fan of the Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips Joker movie as he refers to it as “a betrayal of the mentally ill” and insinuates it was only a success because of Batman. Fincher spoke with The

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Joaquin Phoenix Offered $50 Million For More Joker (Rumor)

It’s rumored that sequels to the Joker movie are in development with Joaquin Phoenix offered $50 million to reprise DC’s Clown Prince of Crime two more times. The rumor comes from the UK’s Mirror that claims to have an insider that says while Joaquin Phoenix “initially felt Joker was a standalone movie,” that he is

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Joker Sequel Happening; Darkseid, Lex Luthor Origins Possible

With the billion-dollar success of the Joker movie, not only is it learned that a sequel is in development, but also possible DC origin villain flicks featuring Darkseid and / or Lex Luthor. Following the blockbuster opening weekend, it is reported that director Todd Phillips met with Warner Bros. for more DC origin villain films.

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Joker Hits A Billion: More Profitable Than Marvel Movies

Last month I called the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie the “MCU Killer“- which is no laughing matter – as now it is learned the flick has crossed the billion-dollar mark at the box office to become the most profitable comic book movie of all time, even more than Kevin Feige’s Marvel movies. Joker will officially

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Joker Nears A Billion Amid Sequel Talks

Blowing away all expectations, the Joker movie is closing in on a billion-dollar box office with talks of a sequel also underway. The current box office for Joker has it at almost $950 million with the flick expected to hit a billion in the coming weeks. That is a tremendous number for Warner Bros. and

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Warner Bros. Recommends Joker For Awards, Oscars

As Joker closes in on $900 million worldwide at the box office, Warner Bros. has released their “For Your Consideration” list for recommended award categories that they think the movie should be nominated for, which could be for the Oscars, Producers Guild Awards, Golden Globes, etc. Check out the list below the new poster. About

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Ryan Reynolds Congratulates Joker For Highest R-Rated Box Office

Joker, aka the “MCU Killer,” now passes Deadpool and becomes the highest R-rated flick at the box office, which sees Ryan Reynolds take to social media to offer congratulations in a way that only the Merc With A Mouth knows how. “R-Rated box office congratulatory posts aren’t like the ones you’re used to…” Reynolds posted

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Joker ‘MCU Killer’ Over $600M Box Office

The Joker movie, which I am dubbing as the “MCU Killer,” has surpassed all expectations and has now reached over $600 million at the box office. Joker debuted two weeks ago with over $96 million and saw only a 41.9% drop for its second week — something the MCU has never accomplished, bringing in over

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Joker Director Left Comedies Because of ‘Woke’ Culture

Following the Joker director blaming the far left for the perceived controversy and outrage surrounding his new movie, now Todd Phillips says he left doing comedy films because of the “woke” culture. Phillips directed comedies such as Old School, Road Trip, and Starsky and Hutch, as well as The Hangover films, which starred Bradley Cooper,

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Joker Director Blames ‘Far Left’ For Controversy and Outrage

There has been a lot of headlines as of late surrounding the new Joker movie offering that the film may incite violence, which has sparked all kinds of controversy and outrage. A lot of the reports have been basically click-bait headlines from the liberal media complaining about the film’s violence offering bad things could happen. Now

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DC Vs Marvel Back On Says Joker Director

Watch out Marvel, the new DCEU is coming after you, and it starts with the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie. It’s no secret that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have been the king of the hill as the MCU has generated billions of dollars over a span of eleven years with the release of 23 movies.

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Joker Script Rewritten While Filming

Zazie Beetz offers an update on the upcoming Todd Phillips Joker movie, which stars Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime, in that the script received a total rewrite while they were filming.  MTV caught up with the actress and asked her if she could say anything about the Joker flick, which is a

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Joker Movie Officially Wraps

Director Todd Phillips has taken to Instagram to announce that the Joaquin Phoenix movie has officially wrapped production. “That’s a wrap on production. Thanks to the greatest crew NYC has to offer. It was a fun shoot— but we’re not there yet,” Phillips posted and included the hashtag for “editing room.”