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Todd McFarlane Announces ‘Spawn’s Universe’

After 28 years, Todd McFarlane announces he is expanding with Spawn’s Universe, which will see a Spawn comic book released every week. McFarlane announced the news on social media in a video where Spawn’s Universe #1 will get released in June leading to three new titles including King Spawn #1, Gunslinger Spawn #1, and a team

Comic Book News

COVER SHOOT: The Top 5 Comic Book Covers For 11/6/2013


By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This weekly feature will take a look at THE most visually compelling comic book covers on the market today. Whether they be rare variant editions or just your standard fare, these are the top 5 covers that stand out amidst the bevy of books released each week. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”  but these covers are worth more than that! No matter the storylines behind them, these covers compel you to at least check them out, which can be worth exponentially more than just words to the companies that publish them! Enjoy!



1. Mighty Avengers #3 (Variant Edition) (Marvel): We have all seen album (What’s an album?) cover art depict scenes and characters from pop culture, well, now it’s Marvel’s turn! Salvador Larroca does a fantastic job rendering the cover of the latest Eminem release with a little something extra! The Invincible Iron Man is chillin’ with Marshal Matthews at the ol’ homestead and fans are loving this ridiculously cool idea! I wonder if they’re going for some Shawarma next!



2. Cyberforce #7 (Variant Edition) (Image): Marc Silvestri is creating some exquisite covers these past few weeks and I am loving it! His highly detailed sketch covers is some of the best work I have seen him put out in the past few years. The immense attention to detail, the subtlety of shadow and the crispness of his lines proves that this co-founder of Image Comics is still at the top of his game. Who says you need color to enhance your art?!



3. Batman: Black and White #3 (DC): This hauntingly simple, yet compositionally perfect cover from Olly Moss will be hard to pass up at the local comic shop. The lack of color draws the eye away from everything else on the racks, but the cavernous silhouette of the Batman will make you pick it up just to add to your collection of museum worthy covers. It is bold and striking, everything you should expect in a Batman cover! Perfect!



4. Shadowman #12 (Variant Edition) (Valiant):  Shadowman is getting a complete makeover this month and this amazing cover by renowned artist Kekai Kotaki, is just the thing to kick it off! This beautifully painted work of art depicts Jack Boniface cutting a swath through the Deadside. Usually rendered in dark forms and colors, Kotaki’s choice of vibrant blues and striking whites gives it a fresh, clean and yet, eerie feeling that has never been seen before. Utterly fantastic!



5. Spawn #237 (Image): Todd McFarlane may not do a lot of art these days, nor is he fandom’s favorite creator but when he brings something new to the table — he blows us away! This “Dia de los Muertes” style cover is stunning within itself, but as you look deeper into the image it s full of beautiful, intriquette details. The subtle lines and the inverted double image through  the bridge of the nose are stunning and the use of the vibrant purple background makes the image truly pop off of the page!

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