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PS5 Launches This November At $399 With Spider-Man, More

Sony has announced the launch date and price for its highly anticipated PS5 next-gen console system which will be released November 12 priced at $399. Also announced for the PS5 launch includes the new Marvel’s Spider-Man game featuring Miles Morales (watch the 7-minute gameplay demo trailer) and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (teaser and

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Marvel Comes To Fortnite: Galactus, Wolverine, More

Galactus threatens Fortnite as the Marvel heroes are now available within the game as part of the latest Battlepass for Season 2: Chapter 4. The teaser shows that the Marvel heroes are plucked from their universe and transported to the world of Fortnite where Galactus can be seen from a distance as part of the

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Captain America Comes To Fortnite; Teases Thor

Following Aquaman, Captain America now comes to the Fortnite video game just in the for the 4th of July. “Assemble in Fortnite this week and get The First Avenger… Captain America! Debuting today in the Item Shop, Cap’s Outfit includes two items: his Proto-Adamantium Pickaxe and Back Bling. Wield the shield as your pickaxe, or

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Aquaman Comes To Fortnite

The latest update for Fortnite sees the Jason Momoa Aquaman added to the mix as trailer have been released featuring the DCEU King of the Seven Seas. Get the Chapter 2 – Season 3 Battle Pass now to instantly unlock the Fade and Ocean Outfits. Also, explore the Fortilla where you can unlock Challenges and gain

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Batman, Gotham City Coming To Fortnite

Leaks offer that a Batman update is coming to the Fortnite video game with Gotham City replacing Tilted Town. According to the leaks, Gotham City replaces Tilted Town, Batman and/or Joker skins are possible, and an Explosive Batarang and a Batman Grapnel Gunn will be featured items. A YouTuber also claims that Fortnite is developing and

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Fortnite Backlash Causes Changes To BRUTE Mechs

The most recent update to Fortnite added the option for one to two players to play together as giant mechs, known as B.R.U.T.E.s, which have caused controversy and forced Epic Games to make changes to the game. The BRUTE mechs are rather “OP” as they easily dispatch of the normal human players and can destroy buildings

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Fortnite Hasbro Toy Fair 2019 Reveals

Check out the Hasbro Fortnite Nerf reveals at this weekend’s Toy Fair, which will be available this Spring including toy weapons based on the in-game guns and more. NERF FORTNITE TOY FAIR REVEALS 2019   The Spring 2019 NERF FORTNITE line includes:   NERF ELITE FORTNITE SP-L (HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available:

Fortnite Season 6 Out Now
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Fortnite Season 6 Now Out

Fornite Season 6 is now out with the latest Battle Pass also available, which introduces pets, plus those who purchased Season 5 get a tier bonus and more.  “Darkness Rises in Season 6! The more you play, the more rewards you unlock. Level up faster by completing Weekly Challenges to unlock additional rewards like progressive

Thanos Fortnite
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Fortnite Thanos Gameplay

Thanos is now available for Fortnite. Players gain control of the Infinity Gauntlet and get transformed into the Mad Titan himself from The Avengers: Infinity War! Upon finding the Infinity Gauntlet somewhere in the map, players become Thanos and are able to use three powers, which includes an Infinity Gauntlet blast, a super jump and

Infinity War Fortnite
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Thanos Coming To Fortnite

Following the Fortnite Season 4 update which included new super hero skins, it’s learned The Avengers: Infinity War‘s Mad Titan himself, Thanos, is coming to the game in a limited time mashup starting Tuesday, May 8! Thanos is coming to the Battle Royale mode, which will be the same except that the Infinity Gauntlet will be