Invincible Coming To Fortnite Reveal Leaks

Looks like fans and players will be able to suit up as the characters from the popular TV series and comics.

Looks like fans and players will be able to suit up as the characters from the popular TV series and comics.

Invincible Coming To Fortnite

Fortnite is going to become — Invincible!

Images have leaked online from an Invincible collab with Epic Games as character designs and the loading screen have made their way onto Twitter.

The designs show the titular character, Mark Grayson aka Invincible, Samantha Eve Wilkins aka Atom Eve, and none other than Omi-Man, Mark’s supervillain father who is also featured in the new Mortal Kombat game.

The loading screen features the characters from the popular TV show (and comics) dropping from the bus and flying to the map next to the Fortnite crew.

Invincible Season 2 recently premiered on Amazon Prime Video, with it learned its viewership has tripled from Season 1.

invincible season 2 poster

What is Invincible about?

Still reeling from Nolan’s betrayal in Season 1, Mark struggles to rebuild his life as he faces a host of new threats, all while battling his greatest fear – that he might become his father without even knowing it.

The comic book and series are created by Robert Kirkman who also created The Walking Dead.

The series stars the voice talents of Steven Yeun as Invincible, J.K. Simmson as Omni-Man, Gillian Jacobs as Atom Eve, Sandra Oh as Debbie Grayson, Zazie Beetz as Amber, Walter Goggins as Cecil, Kevn Michael Richardson as the Mauler Twins, Zachary Quinto as Robot, Grey Griffin as Monster Girl, Jason Mantzoukas as Rex Splode, Melise as Dupli-Kate, and Chris Diamantopoulos as Donald.


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