Snyder Cut Said Not To Be Happening; WB Mad At Zack Snyder


It’s claimed that the Snyder Cut is not happening and that Warner Bros. is mad at Zack Snyder and won’t ever again be working with him.

A website claims that insiders have filled them in that Warner Bros. has no plans to release the Snyder Cut in any form, including HBO Max.

It’s claimed that Zack Snyder did have a meeting with Warner Bros. and that Snyder requested $20 million to complete filming and to finish the movie.

It’s said WB turned down Snyder.

It’s further said that WB isn’t at all happy with how Snyder keeps promoting the release of the Snyder Cut on social media and through certain film websites, that WB doesn’t like being bullied into spending more money or releasing the film.

It’s also said that WB considers all the Snyder Cut fans just “noise,” and that each time the Snyder Cut trends on Twitter it makes WB less likely to release the movie.

The website also makes a point of stating the Snyder Cut isn’t finished and says The Flash movie is being used to wipe out the Zack Snyder DCEU movies because WB is so fed up with Snyder.


So let’s dive into things below…

Zack Snyder DCEU

Snyder Cut isn’t finished; we knew that already

The site, for some reason, makes it seem as if it’s a big deal that the Snyder Cut isn’t finished.

Hello. We already know that (lol). Zack just said three weeks ago that he still has some work to do on it.

I also listened to some of their video on YouTube where the one dude was saying the special effects haven’t been finished and that if anything is released, the VFX won’t be finished, insinuating the movie will look bad.

Again, three weeks ago also saw Snyder say he still has yet to finish the CGI.

They also tried to downplay Snyder’s new Netflix movie, Army of the Dead, like it isn’t a big thing or that nothing has been heard about it. Guess what? It, too, isn’t finished (lol – nothing is really being worked on because of the coronavirus).  

Grace Randolph also said Snyder has to finish the movie and has big plans (I’m guessing Martian Manhunter).

Snyder Cut Batman

The site claims WB hates Zack Snyder

Well, new CEO of WarnerMedia, Jason Kilar, just “liked” a Snyder Cut tweet from a fan on Twitter a couple of weeks ago.

WB also let Snyder stream Batman vs. Superman during the recent watch party which saw Snyder tease the Justice League Snyder Cut at the end (certainly WB knew Snyder would do that unless there are a bunch of dummies working there).

Interestingly enough, I recently reported how Geoff Johns is hated at WB and how Johns screwed over Zack Snyder on Justice League.

Now Warner Bros. hates Zack? 

Justice League Zack Snyder Five

WB doesn’t think much of the Snyder Cut fanbase

I know my articles have literally reached hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people, all potential HBO Max subscribers…

Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, all got involved with the Release the Snyder Cut campaign.

Again, the new CEO of WarnerMedia, Jason Kilar, “liked” a fan tweet about the Snyder Cut.

With the streaming wars bigger than ever due to the coronavirus (hello Netflix, Disney Plus), Warner Bros. looks down on Snyder Cut fans? And an “insider” at WB actually told someone this? Okay. Maybe I’ll sign up for CBS All Access (no chance).

Ben Affleck Batman Snyder Cut

Not getting a release or getting a release?

The article contradicts itself as it says the Snyder Cut won’t be released but then says due to Snyder Cut trending it has less of a chance of getting released. Which is it?

I’ll also add that it has already been said the Snyder Cut won’t be released in May, again, because Snyder himself said it isn’t finished, which isn’t a surprise.

Just because the Snyder Cut isn’t presently finished, doesn’t mean it won’t get released.

Snyder Cut Superman

I’m looking into it

I have heard murmurings of an HBO Max release, but I have reached out to sources within Warner Bros. that have fed me information in the past that has turned out to be true, so hopefully, I can find out what’s up (no guarantees, though).

Regarding The Flash rebooting the DCEU, again nothing new, as I was told last Summer by DC insiders at Comic-Con that plans are in place for a soft DCEU reboot involving the Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves Batman, J.J. Abrams on a new Superman and James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (Reeves and Abrams are best buds; Abrams wife had a hand at getting new WB CEO Ann Sarnoff the job).

I’ll also add that fans should keep up the support in regards to the Snyder Cut, and even keeping Henry Cavill as Superman.

If WB is indeed getting agitated (Reeves? Abrams? Johns?), that means they are well aware of the fandom and also that there are those within WB that do support the Snyder Cut (and keeping Henry Cavill as Superman).

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