Kevin Feige ‘Super Annoyed’ As Victoria Alonso Seeks Big Payout From Disney and Marvel

It's claimed Alan Bergman and Kevin Feige both became super annoyed over her side projects and ignoring Marvel.

It's claimed Alan Bergman and Kevin Feige both became super annoyed over her side projects and ignoring Marvel.

Kevin Feige 'Super-Annoyed' As Victoria Alonso Seeks Big Payout From Disney and Marvel

It’s said Kevin Feige has been super annoyed with Victoria Alsonso, with it learned she is seeking a big payout from Disney and Marvel after being fired, now said to be due to a breach of contract.

A week ago saw the surprising news that Victoria Alonso had been let go from her position as executive producer and president of physical and postproduction, VFX, and animation production at Marvel Studios after being with the company for 17 years.

Subsequent reports have explained that Disney decided to end Victoria Alonso’s contract effective immediately and fire her over her involvement and promotion of Argentina, 1985, where Alonso actually chose to walk the press line at the Oscars for Argentina, 1985 instead of walking the press line for the multiple nominated Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and she was dismissed eight days later.

Then, exactly as I said would happen, Alonso, through her lawyers, has threatened a lawsuit against Disney and Marvel where she is basically being labeled as the hero of the LGBTQ community, where her firing is explained by Alonso “standing up” to Disney for her LGBTQ politics and rights.

Woke Marvel Producer Victoria Alonso Gone From MCU
Victoria Alonso

Victoria Alonso is really after money

Now according to Puck News, which is an entertainment news site made up of former editors and writers that wrote for the Hollywood trades, what Victoria Alonso is actually seeking is a big payout from Disney.

It’s said Disney fired Victoria Alonso without pay, so what Alonso is really after is money.

“Beyond Glaser dropping a headline-generation bomb on Friday that a gay Latina was ‘silenced’ for speaking out against her company’s handling of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill, this is a simple money fight,” states the article.

What is interesting, as the article points out, is that Disney could have simply ended the battle by paying Alonso out but as Disney chose not to do that, and instead terminated her without pay, that means Disney gave her the invitation to take the fight public.

That must mean that Disney is pretty confident that Victoria Alonso would look bad in a public battle if all the information came out.

The article also says Alonso never had much power at Disney, and that the problems she had include her “belittling behavior towards vendors,” her “relentless self-promotion” or “the fact that the visual effects in Marvel productions (her actual job) have been specifically and repeatedly called out as lacking by fans.”

Victoria Alonso Clashed With Kevige Feige, Disney Afraid Of Woke Backlash

Alan Bergman and Kevin Feige ‘super annoyed’ by Victoria Alonso

Regarding Kevin Feige, following Jeff Sneider first reporting how Alonso clashed with Feige, now it’s further said she also clashed with Disney Entertainment Co-Chairman Alan Bergman who is Feige’s Disney boss.

It’s said that Disney and Marvel didn’t find out about Argentina, 1985 until 2021 and also that Bergman and Feige both “were super annoyed at yet another example of Alonso prioritizing her personal endeavors over the company, and the bad precedent it would set for other Disney executives.”

So adding everything up, it seems that Victoria Alonso didn’t get permission from Disney to work on her own projects, and when Disney found out, Disney did end up giving her permission albeit it with a reworked contract where she wasn’t supposed to promote the release of the film, but Alonso chose to go against and ignore her contract multiple times and promoted the movie, all the while there have been problems with Marvel’s VFX, so Disney fired her.

If I had to guess, I am guessing Alonso thought she was untouchable due to being a minority, a female, and per her lawyer’s own words, “a gay Latina.” 

On Alonso’s side, she is spinning things that her stance against Florida and coming out against former Disney CEO Bob Chapek is the reason for her getting fired, which she is threatening to sue Disney and Marvel over, and, according to her lawyer, that “she was terminated” for “when she refused to do something she believed was reprehensible.”

It’s not known what the “reprehensible” act is, but again, it’s thought to be about Alonso spinning it that she was fired for standing up for her LGBTQ politics against the big bad bully Disney who wanted to silence her, but the silence was really for a side project from another studio (Amazon a rival streamer) that got her fired over.

Alonso’s firing also comes after the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania which bombed at the box office and with critics and fans which does have really bad special effects, which is alarming as the movie kicks off Feige and the MCU’s Phase 5 plans and is supposed to lead to two big Avengers movies with The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

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