Fewer White People, Males Went To See ‘Wakanda Forever’ Than ‘Black Panther’

The demographics for the first 'Black Panther' and 'Wakanda Forever' are quite different.

The demographics for the first 'Black Panther' and 'Wakanda Forever' are quite different.

Fewer White People, Males Went To See 'Wakanda Forever' Than 'Black Panther'

Disney continues alienating its white and male audience as it is learned fewer white people and males of all colors went to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever than the first film in 2018.

Deadline reports on the demographics for Wakanda Forever where the audience for the opening weekend was made up of 44% Black, 21% Hispanic and Latino, 20% Caucasian, and 15% Asian/other.

The first Black Panther had an audience of 37% Black, 35% Caucasian, 18% Hispanic, and 5% Asian.

While you might argue more people of color went to see the sequel this time around which changed the percentages, that doesn’t work out as the first movie opened to a boatload more with over $202 million compared to Wakanda Forever‘s $181 million.

It’s also no surprise to learn that Wakanda Forever skewed slightly more female at 4% more than male compared to the first movie, which while that doesn’t sound like a lot, when you are talking billions of dollars, the money adds up.

What remains of the wokies on Elon Musk’s Twitter also might cry racism, but obviously that is not the case as, again, the first Black Panther made a lot more money where the white fans came out to see it and saw it multiple times, and the first movie looks to be burying the sequel in terms of box office, likely by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Disney Bob Chapek
Disney CEO Bob Chapek

Disney is intentionally alienating its white audience

So what happened?

What is going on is that Disney is intentionally going out of its way to alienate its white audience and get rid of white male characters.

Doubt me? It’s no secret.

Last year saw Walt Disney Television’s chairman of entertainment Dana Walden admit at the Women in Focus panel that ABC passes on several “well-written scripts” because they lack “diversity,” where Walden is said to have bragged about passing on a script because it centered around a white family.

Imagine the uproar if she came out and said Disney passes on great ideas about people of color or from LGBTQ backgrounds.

That also means Disney is passing on ideas that are well-written where we could probably guess they would be successful and make the company money, but Disney is passing on them only because there are white people which may mean they are accepting less well-written ideas and scripts.

I wonder what would happen to Disney if all those white people stopped going to Disney parks and cruises?

So when you have Marvel intentionally removing white characters – and admitting it – along with changing characters for the sake of diversity or even insulting them, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when that audience doesn’t show up.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

Marvel cutting characters because they are white

Head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige also confirmed Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Strange were cut from the Disney Plus WandaVision series because they are white males.

As a result of white males Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Strange getting cut from WandaVision, it has also been confirmed the Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of Madness movie had to be rewritten which turned out to be a big disappointment for fans.

A recent rumor from a known Disney leaker also states that Kevin Feige, Disney, and Marvel are going to race-swap the X-Men because they want to remove white characters.

Recently has seen Kevin Feige race-swap Wonder Man and many other characters including gender-swapping characters and changing them to LGBTQ characters.

Diversity is destroying the MCU because it’s not organic; Disney and Marvel are intentionally going out of their way to remove original characters and stories (why not create new ones?).

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More white people willing to go see first Black Panther than Wakanda Forever

YouTuber Grace Randolph actually pointed out the big discrepancy in the demographics between Wakanda Forever and Black Panther when she mentioned all the problems at Marvel.

“The box office debut is noticeably lower than the first Black Panther… So why is it behind? The toxicity of our modern world and the identity politics wrapped up in that. What a shame that this has come to Hollywood’s shores. It’s really bad,” she said. “Movies and entertainment are supposed to be an escape from this crap and now it’s everywhere. Also, let’s be honest, I think Marvel has over-saturated its own market and again with not great product.”

Randolph added, “That Caucasian drop, that is really disheartening. That’s shocking and shows today’s divisiveness has seeped not just into entertainment pundits but has now trickled down to the audience itself. More white people were willing to go see the first Black Panther than the second.”

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