Disney Marvel Race Swapping X-Men To Remove White Characters

If you thought things were bad under Feige with the MCU now, it's going to get a lot worse.

If you thought things were bad under Feige with the MCU now, it's going to get a lot worse.

Marvel Race Swapping X-Men To Remove White Characters

It’s claimed that when the X-Men come to the MCU, that Disney, Marvel, and Kevin Feige will be race-swapping various characters to remove white characters from the X-Men.

The info comes from known Disney leaker WDW Pro via That Park Place who recently leaked the information about the return of Chris Evans as Captain America, where Evans, Disney, and Marvel want to take Captain America in a new direction away from American patriotism.

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WDW Pro explains that Disney and Marvel are hard at work with their partners developing the future of the X-Men.

So part of the development process includes syncing things with merchandise where a toy industry insider offers Disney wants to race swap various members of the X-Men to in effect reduce the number of caucasian characters.

Worth a mention is that Kevin Feige just race-swapped Wonder Man.

X-Men at Fox Studios
X-Men at Fox Studios

Disney Marvel wants to move away from white men

The toy industry expert insider sent WDW Pro a message which mentioned that Disney wants to move away from having white men be present more than they want them to be.

An ABC exec for Disney previously admitted they turn down good ideas involving shows about white families because they are white families.

The toy industry expert says the big question surrounding the X-Men at Disney and Marvel is how much race swapping to include.

It’s said the thinking at Disney Marvel is that the race swaps will be more accepted if they cast a big-name actor and that it will be harder for fans to object or criticize if they use a marquis name.

It’s claimed that Disney and Marvel are going to use the Fox X-Men actors as bait and switch where the white actors would be briefly used but then the race-swapped version would be introduced.

(My guess: Something like Avengers: Secret Wars would bring in the Fox X-Men actors and characters for a brief time as part of the Multiverse war, but then the MCU versions would enter the fray and be race-swapped, and/or that is what could be happening with Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine in Deadpool 3)

fox x men

How to play alphabet is also being mapped out for X-Men

It’s further claimed that various X-Men actors and characters Marvel fans have come to know will be jobbers for the new Marvel characters.

“How to play alphabet is also being mapped out for X-Men, which is at least as of two weeks ago still being referred to as X-Men,” says the toy expert referring to Marvel Studios producer Victoria Alonso stating she thinks the term “X-Men” is outdated because it contains “men.”

“They are working hard at trying to find a palatable-to-them balance between the minimum property authenticity to ensure commercial success and their main focus of being reflective of not only today’s society but also of the society of tomorrow,” says the leaker. “One Marvel mid-line creative referred to this as unfortunate because that means having white men be more present than we want to.

Patrick Stewart X-Men

Disney is okay with taking a loss to remove white characters

The toy industry expert does note that focus groups have indicated that the large majority of fans don’t want any of this in their superhero entertainment, but that one of the main objectives at Disney and Marvel is to “continue to move on, to transit from white men even if this means leaving money on the table.”

It’s further noted they realize “unfortunately white men are the money in the whole revenue stream chain, which includes multiple viewings, more merch at higher price points, secondary media spends, etc. We want to give the minimum possible needed to get the most that we can out of them. We’ll have to throw them a couple of bones.”

It’s said that Disney is okay with taking a loss as they can make it up in parks, the boats, and football to pay the bills.

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