Marvel and Chris Evans Destroying Captain America

A leak claims Feige and Marvel's plans for the return of Captain America involve removing the conservative approach to the character.

Marvel and Chris Evans Destroying Captain America Because Of Donald Trump

An Insider leak is claiming Disney, Marvel, Kevin Feige, and Chris Evans are going to destroy Captain America in the MCU all because of Donald Trump and his supporters.

The info comes from Disney leaker WDW Pro of That Park Place, the site that recently leaked info from a toy industry insider where among things, the toy industry insider revealed that Captain America merchandise is the second best-selling in the U.S. and that Falcon sells better than Falcon as Captain America.

Chris Evans has been reported to be in talks with Marvel, thought to be for Secret Wars and/or another project, and is rumored to be appearing as Old Man Cap in Captain America 4 starring Anthony Mackie, according to the info.

Chris Evans as Captain America salute
Chris Evans as Captain America

Marvel doesn’t like conservatives using Captain America

This latest claim says Chris Evans and Captain America returning to the MCU is due to Marvel not liking that Captain America is being used by conservatives and Donald Trump supporters (much like The Punisher).

It’s said that Chris Evans actually “loathes the portrayal of Captain America as an America First superhero.”

The leak states that Kevin Feige intends on bridging the divide between the right and the left by having the Chris Evans Captain America join forces with the Anthony Mackie version to “identify what makes America good and what needs to be recognized as flawed.”

The leaker states the target is “former President Donald J. Trump and America First policies.”

Chris Evans Old Man Cap Rumored For Captain America 4
Chris Evans Old Man Cap Rumored For Captain America 4

Marvel concerned by MAGA types

Regarding what Disney and Marvel are going to do with Captain America, the info is claimed to have come from three different sources within the entertainment industry.

It’s said that Marvel is looking to do a new Captain America show or movie where both Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans would both be Captain America.

The reason for the return of Chris Evans and Captain America is said to be because Marvel is “concerned that Captain America was being used by conservatives and MAGA types as a pro-nationalist superhero icon.”

It’s said Kevin Feige is open to do a project with both versions of Captain America which would bring the two together to “repudiate the perceived negative aspects of America while still finding a cause to believe in.”

“The leaders of the MCU reportedly dislike that they did not address the issue before Chris Evans retired from the character,” states the leaker. “They felt that having an African American version of the character bare such a burden alone was unfair.”

Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Evans as Captain America

Marvel wants to strip Captain America of nationalist implications

It’s further said the talks are going around with corporations connected to the MCU (where it is assumed they don’t like Donald Trump as well) and that Marvel wants to strip Captain America “of the nationalist and conservative connotation that they feel it has.”

Additional information comes from an executive close to Marvel where it is said the people at Marvel are “uncomfortable with the patriotism facets of the Steve Rogers Captain America” and that Marvel feels the stars and stripes are racist or oppressive.

It’s further claimed Marvel fears Captain America is being stolen by conservatives, especially surrounding the upcoming elections, including the presidential election.

“Burbank hates Captain America,” claims the source’s boss, the executive close to Marvel.

It’s further said that people at Marvel lose it whenever they see Trump supporters wearing Captain America star shirts on television at Trump events.

“Their regret is not bringing Steve Roger’s back in order to have him realize all the problems facing America,” says the leak.

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