DC, WB Could Be Sold To Disney Joining Marvel


DC Comics, the DC brand, and WB could actually become a part of Disney and Marvel or at least come under the same umbrella at Disney.

As speculated, now it is reported that the new company formed out of the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery (possibly known as “WarnerDiscovery”) may end up getting sold to Disney, Apple, Amazon, or a big tech company, where Netflix also probably can’t be ruled out.

CNBC reports a big indicator WarnerDiscovery likely will be sold comes from the fact that billionaire John Malone agreed to relinquish his Discovery voting shares to merge the company with WarnerMedia.

The report states:

Malone agreed to turn in those shares for common equity because he wanted to give a combined WarnerDiscovery flexibility to sell itself in the future — most likely to a deep-pocketed technology company like Amazon or Apple or another media behemoth like Disney, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Update: It’s learned Disney wanted to merge with WB.

Original article continues: 

Wonder Woman DC

Further evidence that WarnerDiscovery might be sold off

Further evidence that WarnerDiscovery might be sold off comes from it reported that AT&T, the parent company of WarnerMedia, is getting out of the entertainment sector completely and getting rid of WarnerMedia, even though AT&T will retain a majority of shares in the newly formed company.

So why would AT&T be getting rid of its entertainment division if it held the majority of stocks in the new company? Again, it is speculated AT&T will sell its shares in WarnerDiscovery and the company will be sold to a bigger corporation.

The head of the new company is the president and CEO of Discovery, David Zaslav, who was previously an executive at NBCUniversal, so perhaps WarnerDiscovery could be sold and combined with NBC, Peacock Plus, etc.

Worth a mention is that the head of WarnerDiscovery is not someone from AT&T or WB, so we see Zaslav is apparently in complete control and who apparently is setting up WarnerDiscovery to be sold to Disney, Apple, Amazon, or a big tech company.

DC vs Marvel

Disney/Marvel rumored to buy DC

Last year there was actually a rumor stating that Marvel was going to take over DC, which could mean that if WarnerDiscovery is sold to Disney that Kevin Feige (who is now in charge of Marvel) could develop some of the DC characters into movies, or even bring some of the characters into the MCU, such as through the Multiverse.

So that would mean we could actually end up seeing the likes of Batman, Superman, and the Justice League side by side The Avengers (or against them).

Back in 2019, Geoff Johns also teased a possible DC Comics and Marvel combo in his Doomsday Clock series which could have been a foreshadowing of things to come as these deals are years in the making.