Brie Larson Done With Captain Marvel; Pursuing New Superhero Role (Rumor)


Following the surprise title change, rumors are again flying that Brie Larson is done with Captain Marvel and the MCU, with a new rumor adding the actress is actually looking for another superhero role.

Recall that earlier rumors have stated Disney lost confidence in Brie Larson, that the Avengers actors didn’t get along with her and vice versa, and that the role of Carol Danvers could either be killed off or recast.

Captain Marvel 2 director Nia DaCosta also trolled fans calling them cowards and has since deleted her Twitter account.

Now scooper Daniel RPK adds that Brie Larson is done with Captain Marvel and is looking for another superhero role following the release of the sequel.

The scooper doesn’t add any additional details, but if true, it obviously means Brie Larson is not looking for another superhero role at Marvel.

Larson would actually fit in pretty well with J.J. Abrams’ woke DCU, which appears to be headed in a direction that is even woker than Feige’s current and future plans for the MCU.

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Brie Larson, future of Captain Marvel in doubt

Regarding the future of Captain Marvel in the MCU, it’s claimed the characters of Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau will “replace” Captain Marvel in the MCU and that Carol will relinquish the title of Captain Marvel to the two characters, hence why a “Captain Marvel 2” was dropped in favor of “The Marvels.”

YouTuber Grace Randolph has even stated Brie Larson is unlikable, that the Captain Marvel directors didn’t deliver and that Feige thinks Captain Marvel is weak.

Kevin Feige also seemingly retracted comments about Larson’s Captain Marvel as the most powerful character and the future of the MCU, as Feige seemed to change his mind by stating Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is the most powerful in the MCU.

Another possibility is that Feige could always bring Rogue into the MCU to “replace” Captain Marvel, as Rogue is a much more fan-favorite character (most comic fans abhor Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel).

(via Daniel RPK, Giant Freakin Robot)