Birds Of Prey Box Office Worse Than Thought


The Birds of Prey Box Office is worse than thought – even worse than I predicted – as it’s looking like the flick will bring in only $33.5 million for its opening weekend.

Update: Official number is only $33 million.

Over-exaggerated estimates from the Hollywood trade sites had the movie making as much as $55 million in a false attempt to create hype.

The Atom ticket app also tried selling things as if Birds of Prey was selling better than both the first Suicide Squad movie and Wonder Woman, both of which opened to over $100 million.

All fake news.

Warner Bros. was also hoping the flick would bring in $45 million, but the numbers are nowhere close to that, and it is now likely Birds of Prey will lose money (expect a huge second-week drop, especially with the family-friendly Sonic the Hedgehog coming out).

The Thursday previews saw our first indication that the movie was going to tank as it only brought in $4 million, much less than Shazam!‘s $5.9 million.

Scratch that. The first indication the movie was going to fail, which was reported by yours truly, was simply checking ticket sales on Fandango which showed that no one is buying tickets. Likewise, a source in Los Angeles also filled me in that the movie was dead in the water, and the source is 100% right as am I (once again).

I just got out of the movie, which had seven people in the theater, six of whom were under the age of 16.

Friday’s box office is now estimated to be only $8.6 million — guess the Jared Leto Joker really does have the last laugh.

Birds of Prey box office

Birds of Prey huge disaster for Warner Bros.

This is a huge disaster for Warner Bros. as the studio was eyeing Harley Quinn as their next “go-to” female superhero by getting rid of the Joker and making the character an anti-hero.

As I tweeted earlier, the woke culture isn’t showing up, the Harley Quinn fans aren’t showing up, DCEU fans aren’t showing up, DC Comics fans aren’t going to watch the movie, and the Batman fans sure as heck aren’t going to watch Birds of Prey.

Where Warner Bros. went wrong is by marketing the flick to only females and marketing it as an anti-misogynist feminist SJW movie. There is not really anything redeeming in the flick for the male audience, as the movie constantly puts down males and makes them out to be the bad guys (a la 2016 Ghostbusters, The Last Jedi, Captain Marvel, Terminator: Dark Fate, etc.). This approach is contrary to something like Wonder Woman, which is popular with all fans, and even Gal Gadot said Wonder Woman is for both boys and girls when an SJW interviewer tried to get her to push a feminist agenda.

Warner Bros. also went wrong by naming the movie “Birds of Prey” instead of “Harley Quinn,” IMO. Fun fact: Harley isn’t even a member of the “Birds of Prey” in the movie (I’ll say I thought Jurnee Smollett-Bell’s Black Canary was fabulous and easily the best part of the film).

WB also went wrong by giving this an R rating. It’s all over the top goofiness with f-bombs everywhere, much of which wasn’t necessary, and all those little girls who bought Harley Quinn costumes for Halloween aren’t going to see the movie – also minus their moms and dads, further alienating the audience. Maybe WB should consider re-releasing with a PG-13 version, similar to what Disney did with Deadpool 2?

The Birds of Prey Rotten Tomatoes score has also plummeted as it went from a high of 92% to a current 83%, so once the online shill reviews from critics that got to see the movie early courtesy a freebie from WB dried up, the “regular” critics voted it down, and rightfully so.

It’s time to put the woke Harley to sleep.