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Don Cheadle Teases 'Armor Wars' Possibly For D23 Expo
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Don Cheadle Teases ‘Armor Wars’ Possibly For D23 Expo

Don Cheadle takes to Twitter to offer an update – well, sorta – and possibly teases Armor Wars for the upcoming D23 Expo in September. Since there was nothing mentioned about Armor Wars at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con, fans are worried that the show has been canceled, but on Monday, a fan questioned the

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Ryan Reynolds Now Training For ‘Deadpool’ 3

Ryan Reynolds is now training for Deadpool 3 as his trainer, Don Saladino, posted the following photos on Instagram. “And so it begins…” teased Saladino who included the hashtag #suitupwithdon. The post also saw Deadpool creator Rob Liefled offer his excitement. “BOTH SO BUFF!!!” commented Liefeld. See below. According to IMDb, Ryan Reynolds has been training with Don Saladino