Charlie Cox Confirms One ‘She-Hulk’ Episode: Fun, Cheeky, Flirty

The Man Without Fear talks about coming to the MCU which also includes 'Born Again' and 'Echo.'

The Man Without Fear talks about coming to the MCU which also includes 'Born Again' and 'Echo.'

Charlie Cox Confirms One 'She-Hulk' Episode: Fun, Cheeky, Flirty

Daredevil actor Charlie Cox appeared on stage at the Marvel D23 Expo on Saturday.

The Man Without Fear will be appearing in She-Hulk, Echo and is Born Again with his own 18-episode series.

Following the panel, Deadline and Variety caught up with Charlie Cox who confirmed he is in only one episode of She-Hulk and said he is open to the Daredevil: Born Again series coming to Disney Plus to be more on the lighter side compared to the Marvel Netflix series.

“Tatiana is amazing. I absolutely love her. She’s such a talented actor,” Cox told Deadline. “I’ve wanted to work with her for years. So to get this opportunity to work with her – but as these characters – was really fun. I can’t wait to see the episode that we have together because my feeling is that the chemistry between us was really good. They’re both lawyers to see those characters interact was really fun. I think it is a really special episode. I loved doing that. Really fun.”

Cox continued, “And also fun to see Matt in a show the tone of which is lighter, it’s more fun, it’s cheekier and tongue in cheek, and all of those things. So that was really fun. People ask me who I want to see in the Daredevil show. Obviously, I have no idea what they’re thinking for in that. It would be great if she could come into that for a couple of episodes. I have no idea if that is a possibility or not but it would be fun.”

Daredevil Born Again at D23 Expo
‘Daredevil: Born Again’ at D23 Expo

Daredevil: Born Again likely lighter than Netflix

Variety questioned Charlie Cox about how much darker the Netflix series is than Disney Plus.

“I have no idea. I don’t know if that will be any darker, will be less dark, what does dark mean, where is that tonal shift… there will be a tonal shift I’m sure because we are doing more episodes, it’s a whole new deal, we are now on a different platform but I don’t know. I haven’t read anything yet,” said Cox.

Cox continued about She-Hulk.

“What was really fun about being in She-Hulk for this one episode is that obviously, the tone of that show is radically different and in order for my character to be appropriate for me to be in that show, I had to adapt a little bit my Matt Murdock so he’s in a place in his life where he is having fun and his life is good and he’s a bit cheeky and a bit flirty and it’s just tonally slight different,” he said. “It was a bit of an experiment but it was really enjoyable, and I really had a good time and the chemistry I had with Tatiana was amazing.”

Charlie Cox added about Daredevil: Born Again, “If they do lighten the tone a little bit, I’m not afraid of that.”

A She-Hulk teaser featuring Charlie Cox was also shown at the D23 Expo:

“Jen & Matt are preparing to break into a warehouse with enemies. Matt identifies the exact amount of enemies by listening to their heartbeat. Jen doesn’t believe Matt then he leans in & listens to her heartbeat. They almost kiss but don’t.”

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