Doctor Who


Doctor Who Magazine Seals The Fate of Lead Character

Spoilers, ahoy!

The covers to the latest Doctor Who Magazine sport the four main characters of Season 6 with “Marked For Death?” teased.

Not just a tease, as it turns out, one of them will be killed off in the “season opener.”

Just who?

Well, Rory and River Song already have died – so that leaves the good ol’ Doctor and Amy Pond.

Wait, didn’t the Doctor “die,” at the end of Season 5, but then fixed it when they were in the museum (if I remember correctly)?

So that would make it Amy’s turn!


Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMO Announced


The BBC has announced that a MMO version of Doctor Who is in development called “Doctor Who: Worlds in Time” and is being developed by San-Francisco-based gaming company Three Rings.


Doctor Who Matt Smith on “The Silence” and London Fashion Show Images

At the Doctor Who Experience, Matt Smith spoke on the upcoming season mentioning “The Silence” as first seen(?) in the preview trailer for season 6.

Smith tells us that these may be the scariest monsters they have had – perhaps, ever!

Scarier than the Weeping Angels? Seems so!

Also, check out a couple pics from the 2011 London Fashion of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan following.