George Lucas Rumored For Star Wars Return

Massive Lucasfilm rumors have hit the net in the past few days. Is it all related?

george lucas rumored star wars return

Another bombshell rumor hits the net regarding Disney Star Wars with it claimed George Lucas will be returning for a Disney+ live-action TV series.

Recently also saw that big rumor that Jon Favreau is out. Are the two related?

Worth a mention is that Lucas also recently backed Bob Iger in that proxy battle for board seats where he said “creating magic is not for amateurs,” that he was “delighted to become a Disney stockholder,” and that he has “full faith and confidence in the power of Disney.”

star wars george lucas jon favreau

What does the rumor say?

So regarding the rumor that George Lucas is returning to Star Wars, the rumor actually comes from Roger Christian via the Star Wars Theory YouTube channel who has 3.28 million subscribers.

Well, who is Roger Christian?

He’s a Hollywood director who directed Battlefield Earth, and he also happened to be the second unit director for George Lucas on Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: My First Adventure TV movie. Roger Christian also served as the set decorator and prop maker for New Hope where he built the prop for Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and more.

“I think he’s coming back. I’m pretty sure, now, that he’s doing a series,” said Christian. “I think that they’re now bringing him into the fold, from what I hear, because there’s a Star Wars live-action series coming, and I’ve got a strong suspicion that George will have something to do with that. That’s what I’m thinking, and I might be prophesying.”

The YouTuber, shocked, questioned if Christian was pulling his leg.

“No. No. That’s what I had heard and read,” Christian said. “And I don’t know from anything apart from I’m prophesizing that might happen.”

Roger Christian goes on to suggest that since George Lucas has visited the various sets recently and that Dave Filoni has been bringing back everything, that Lucas is returning to Star Wars.

“Because you’ve seen he’s been very physically present there,” said Christian. “He’s been down on the sets and everything.”

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