Grant Gustin Remembers The Flash Vanishes Today

Today marks the anniversary of when Barry Allen disappears in that newspaper scene involving Harry Wells, aka the Reverse Flash.

grant gustin the flash vanishes

Today is the “crisis” that sees The Flash vanish, and Grant Gustin pays homage to the big event from the end of the pilot episode from nearly ten years ago.

The first episode of The Flash premiered on The CW on October 7, 2014 which featured a surprise ending.

Tom Cavanagh’s Dr. Harry Wells got out of his wheel chair and walked into the hidden Time Vault in STAR Labs.

Wells, who is revealed to be the Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne, accesses a holographic image featuring a newspaper dated with today’s date, April 25, 2024, which sports the headline, “Flash Missing Vanishes In Crisis.”

“We made it – April 25, 2024”

Grant Gustin took to Instagram to have some fun and remember the occasion.

“We made it – April 25, 2024. I can confirm that Flash has in fact not vanished,” Gustin posted on Instagram. “* fun fact: searched ‘April 25th’ on my phone to find a fun Flash pic to post, but that’s when we were always on hiatus. This is the only Flash related April 25th photo in my phone. April 25th, 2016.”

The Flash TV series didn’t end up making it to April 25, 2024, but worth a mention is that the show did vanish in 2024, as following nine seasons, the series was canceled, with the final episode having aired on May 24, 2023.

Watch the scene below.

grant gustin the flash

Fans want Grant Gustin in the DCU

Fans are hoping James Gunn will bring back Grant Gustin, which has been by recently touched on by both Gunn and Gustin.

“We’ve never talked about Flash,” Gustin revealed. “We’ve talked, just like, I’m a huge Superman fan. I’ve always been a Superman fan, since I was a kid. So, I’m just really excited about the movie. And I’m excited about David [Corenswet]’s casting.”

Gustin added, “I’m excited to see what James Gunn does with it. So, I think at one point – maybe a couple of different times, we’ve DM’d about Superman. We’ve literally never talked Flash. I’m just excited he’s doing Superman.”

Earlier this year did see Grant Gustin say he would return to The Flash if Gunn asked.

“Yeah, if James Gunn asked me to play The Flash, I would do it again,” Gustin said. “I trust James Gunn.”

Gunn responded to Gustin’s comments saying he would be open to working with the actor.

“Grant is an incredibly talented guy, performing now on Broadway, I believe, and is absolutely not going to waste just because he’s not currently in a DC project. But of course, I’d love to work with him at some point,” said Gunn.

Watch the scene:

The FLASH : S01E01 ending scene

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