Grant Gustin Has Spoken With James Gunn About ‘Superman’

Fans want the actor who carried DC on his back for nine years in the new DCU.

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  • Grant Gustin has spoken to James Gunn about the new Superman movie
  •  Gustin is a fan of David Corenswet as the new Man of Steel
  • Gustin has expressed interest in working with Gunn and would return to The Flash if asked

Grant Gustin offers he has spoken to the co-head of the DCU, James Gunn – not about The Flash – but about the Superman movie.

The actor was the star of The CW’s The Flash series which ran for nine seasons and arguably Gustin carried DC on his back amid the tumultuous times of Zack Snyder’s DCEU.

Grant Gustin happens to be a fan favorite to appear as any character in the new DCU, and while talking with The Wrap says Superman has always been a favorite.

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“We’ve never talked about Flash,” the actor admitted. “We’ve talked, just like, I’m a huge Superman fan. I’ve always been a Superman fan, since I was a kid. So, I’m just really excited about the movie. And I’m excited about David [Corenswet]’s casting.”

He added, “I’m excited to see what James Gunn does with it. So, I think at one point – maybe a couple of different times, we’ve DM’d about Superman. We’ve literally never talked Flash. I’m just excited he’s doing Superman.”

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Earlier this year did see Grant Gustin say he would return to The Flash if Gunn asked.

“Yeah, if James Gunn asked me to play The Flash, I would do it again,” Gustin said. “I trust James Gunn.”

Gunn responded to Gustin’s comments saying he would be open to working with the actor.

“Grant is an incredibly talented guy, performing now on Broadway, I believe, and is absolutely not going to waste just because he’s not currently in a DC project. But of course, I’d love to work with him at some point,” said Gunn.

Superman gets released July 11, 2025.

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