Justice League Of America’s Vibe #1 Last Page Spoiler


DC Comics released the last page to this week’s Justice League of America’s Vibe #1.

The following page shows Amanda Waller revealing the whereabouts of Darkseid’s daughter.

Issue 2 hits March 20th.


If you’ve already picked up the issue, you’ve already learned about “The Circus”! Set in A.R.G.U.S.’ Detroit headquarters, “The Circus” is Amanda Waller’s name for her collection of imprisoned potential Justice League of America members, each waiting for their chance at freedom. And beyond “The Circus,” there is a secret chamber that holds perhaps the most powerful entity on the planet: Darkseid’s daughter!

Will Darkseid discover the whereabouts of his daughter? And is Vibe doomed to join “The Circus” when he discovers Waller’s elusive plans for the JLA?