Blue Beetle Squashed: Bombs With $25M Box Office

Fans aren't showing up for a movie that is marketed as being all about diversity.

Fans aren't showing up for a movie that is marketed as being all about diversity.

Blue Beetle Gets Squashed: Bombs With $25M

And it’s adios to Blue Beetle, the latest box office bomb from DC and producer and co-head of the DCU, Peter Safran, as the flick gets squashed and completely underperforms with only $25.4 million.

As I previously wrote, Deadline kept telling us the flick would bring in $30 million fueled by a strong Hispanic and Latino audience.

Well, that didn’t happen, and Blue Beetle will likely be swept under the rug and forgotten along with Safran’s Shazam movies, Safan and Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, looking like Safan’s upcoming Aquaman 2, and The Flash (best superhero movie ever according to Gunn), Black Adam, Wonder Woman 1984, and Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. Tell me again why these guys were chosen to take over DC?

Don’t count on the international audience to save Blue Beetle, either, as the foreign gross adds only another $18.6 million.

As it stands, Blue Beetle is only at a $44 million worldwide gross.

Fury of the Gods actually performed better opening over $30 million but dipped a massive 69% in its second weekend and finished with only $133 million worldwide. What’s Blue Beetle going to finish with?

The Blue Beetle Rotten Tomatoes critics score certainly didn’t help as it’s only a 77%, but at least the fans dig it as the Audience Score is at 92%, but too bad, there aren’t enough fans out there that actually wanted to watch the movie.

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Blue Beetle diverse marketing and approach killed the movie

The diverse marketing approach also didn’t help things. Is Blue Beetle a good movie? Does it look cool? You had no idea judging by the interviews and promos.

No, instead we laughably got Zack Snyder tweeting he looks forward to taking his kids to see the movie because representation matters. Hey, Zack? Is the movie any good? Is it cool (we know you love that word)? Or are you just taking your kids because representation matters?

It’s hilarious. I wonder if they were actually thinking the Snyder Cultists would rally behind the tweet and go see the flick?

As I went over in my review, Blue Beetle goes out of its way to shit on white people.

How about someone makes an all-white movie and shits all over Hispanics, Latinos, and Mexicans? They can include mention of how just 20 minutes from me, an “asylum seeker” raped a hotel worker.

My point before you all go bananas on me is I don’t want any of that in my superhero movies. I don’t want politics from the left ruining my movies and I don’t want politics from the right ruining my movies. I go to the movies for escape, not to be condemned or mocked or preached to.

Diverse is fine (ironically, watch Cobra Kai) but when you go out of your way to knock a certain segment of the population down and prop up another, that’s the problem.

I’ve been telling you guys for years all the diverse crap would destroy things (how did I know? because they did it to the comics first), so following Disney Star Wars failing, now the MCU, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, et al, Blue Beetle follows suit? It’s unbelievable they keep throwing this garbage in our faces (not working for Disney’s Snow White).

At least it’s good to see the audience isn’t eating it up.

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