Blue Beetle Massive Second Weekend Drop: Still Worse Than Shazam 2

The film is bombing similar to 'Fury of the Gods.'

The film is bombing similar to 'Fury of the Gods.'

Blue Beetle Massive Second Weekend Drop: Still Worse Than Shazam 2

Blue Beetle is predicted to have a massive second-weekend drop, with the flick still performing worse than Shazam! Fury of the Gods which only finished with a $133.8 million box office.

Following the opening weekend disappointment of $25 million, Blue Beetle is estimated to massively drop to $10.5 million in weekend two, which will be at least a 58% drop, and while the percentage drop actually isn’t too bad, the major problem is that no one is going to see the movie (it took Marvel’s Ant-Man four weekends to drop under $10M).

Worth a mention that while that estimation is better than Shazam: Fury of the Gods‘ second-weekend box office of $9.3 million, the Blue Beetle box office is estimated to be still trailing Shazam 2 following its second weekend.

Blue Beetle is estimated to have a two-weekend domestic gross of only $44 million, while Shazam: Fury of the Gods came in at nearly $46 million.

Update: Thanks to National Cinema Day on Sunday, it’s now estimated Blue Beetle will bring in $12.7M for a two-week domestic total of $46.3M. The worldwide gross is now at $81.8 million.

Original article continues:

Blue Beetle also suffered a second-Friday drop of 70%, with Shazam 2 dropping more at 79.7%, so it seems the box offices are pretty similar in that they are both complete garbage.

I’m also not sure what is going on with the Blue Beetle international box office which is only at $18.6 million, while Shazam 2 finished with a $76.2 million international gross.

What happened to representation matters regarding Blue Beetle? Where is the Hispanic and Latino audience that was said to play a major factor in the success of the Blue Beetle box office? Well, just like everybody else, they are a no-show.

The Flash also recently mega-bombed and similar to The Flash, it’s also being said Blue Beetle will be released digitally after only being in theaters for 30 days, which of course, means Blue Beetle is also a big bust.

As I went over in my review, there are elements I liked a lot in Blue Beetle and there are elements I disliked a lot: I love Xolo as the character and I find George Lopez’s Uncle Rudy entertaining, but the obvious political elements of the film are a major turn off.

It’s obvious the director and writer have an agenda and used a superhero movie to fulfill said agenda and send a “message.”

Well, that message failed to deliver, and the message the director and writer received instead is that we don’t want your woke political trash. Go do some woke artist indie movie that sends a message, but too bad, no one will watch that, either.

Blue Beetle is squashed. Another big round of applause for DC, especially Peter Safran.


Blue Beetle box office:

DOMESTIC: $44,000,000 – estimated

INTERNATIONAL: $18,600,000 (weekend two not included)

WORLDWIDE: $62,600,000

Shazam: Fury of the Gods box office:

DOMESTIC (43.1%): $57,638,006

INTERNATIONAL (56.9%): $76,200,000

WORLDWIDE: $133,838,006

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