TMNT Embarrasses Jeremy Of The Quartering, Andrew Tate, Keemstar, More

Right-wingers need to do a better job and not lower themselves down to the level of the left-wing lunatics.

Right-wingers need to do a better job and not lower themselves down to the level of the left-wing lunatics.

TMNT Embarrasses Jeremy Of The Quartering, Andrew Tate, More

The new TMNT movie completely embarrasses the likes of right-wingers Jeremy from The Quartering, Andrew Tate, and others, including YouTuber Keemstar.

Just as I said when all the right-wingers ran with the fake news story that Disney+ subscribers left because of wokeness (foreign subscribers left because of sports), you need to do a better job or you end up looking just like the left-wing lunatics you appear to be against.

I said that if you are going to wage war on the woke, you need to do a better job than they do, and to hold yourself to a higher standard, and don’t lower yourselves down to their level by lying or by reporting fake news.

Splinter Not Gay In 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem'

What’s the fake news?

The fake news the right-wingers have been pushing on social media is that Splinter is gay in the new TMNT movie.

Well, Splinter is not gay.

What happened is that a YouTuber saw the movie and said in a video that Splinter is gay, which is due to an official movie poster stating that Scumbug is “himself”; leading to it thought Scumbug is a dude.

There happens to be a romantic scene in TMNT between Splinter and Scumbug, where alarms were pulled, and the right-wingers ran with it that Splinter is gay.

The problem?

The flick makes it clear that Splinter is not gay and that Scumbug is a female, as Splinter says right in the movie that Scumbug is female.

So that means everyone claiming that Splinter is gay didn’t even see the movie.

You’ll know I never ran with the “Splinter is gay” story, and that’s because I didn’t think it was the case.

scumbug poster tmnt

Movie poster to blame

Regarding what happened with the movie poster, my understanding is that the marketing team created character movie posters based on the voice actors used for the roles.

Well, apparently since Scumbug uses a male voice actor (but Scumbug doesn’t talk, it’s all gurgle-type sounds) the marketing department went ahead and put “Scumbug as himself” on the poster — something against the director’s wishes.

So apparently what happened is that someone saw the poster, heard Splinter has a romantic connection and ran with it that Spinter is gay. That’s fake news.

Again, the movie makes it clear that Scumbug is a female, and from what I am told, it ties into the beginning of the movie where Splinter befriends a bug who gets squashed, so at the end of the movie, Splinter has feelings for Scumbug, a female cockroach.

jeremy quartering splinter gay tmnt

Jeremy needs a shower

I’ll also call Jeremy from The Quartering out as when he tweeted Splinter is gay, Twitter users used my article to shoot his bullshit down.

Jeremy called me a gossip rag, but what is hilarious, is the dude has used numerous articles of mine in his Youtube videos (basically all my Brie Larson articles, I believe, and probably lots more).

I don’t watch The Quartering, but my advice to Jeremy would be to visit a barber and take a shower and wash your hair once in a while, which would make for a much better video.

andrew tate splinter tmnt

Andrew Tate needs to stop ripping off comic book fans

Regarding Andrew Tate, he also recently tweeted something about how TMNT being gay, which again, Splinter is not.

I also suggest to Andrew Tate that the next time he sells a comic book for $97 that he actually goes out and spends some money on a quality artist, and it’s also probably not a good idea to make fun of comic book fans at the same time.

donal trump correct

Right-wingers look like fools

I’ll also throw this out there: Wouldn’t it be something if Paramount and Nickelodeon did the poster on purpose in order to make the right-wingers look like fools knowing they would flip out just like the lefties?

Do better, guys.

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