Snyder Cut Clip, Announcement Coming To JusticeCon


The first Snyder Cut clip and a special announcement are coming to the JusticeCon fan event on Saturday.

Zack Snyder spoke with YouTuber Grace Randolph about the DCEU movies and at the end of the video made the surprise announcement about the Snyder Cut footage.

“I’m super excited about JusticeCon because it’s a by fans for fans con which I don’t know if there are too many of those things going on at this scale,” Snyder said. “These guys putting it on, it’s just amazing. So I was more than honored to do whatever I could to participate and a lot of my friends are part of it, so that’s fun. Yeah! I may show a clip. And it is a small clip,” teased Snyder. “It may be a small clip. Also, maybe there’s another tiny little… another announcement as well, just a little side thing, just for the fans. The clip is…that’s gonna be fun.”

Zack Snyder appears at JusticeCon on Saturday, July 25 at 5:30pm EST, which follows Cyborg actor Ray Fisher at 4pm EST. Check out the schedule below which also includes Zack’s Justice League storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, who also directs DC animated movies and said the Ben Affleck Batman script is the best ever.

The Snyder Cut will be released on the HBO Max streaming service in 2021.

While talking with Grace, Zack Snyder also touched upon:

JusticeCon schedule:

JusticeCon Zack Snyder Cut Justice League

JusticeCon Zack Snyder Cut Justice League