X-Men MCU Plans: ‘Not That Exciting’

Rumors offer fans might not be happy with what Feige has planned.

Rumors offer fans might not be happy with what Feige has planned.

X-Men MCU Plans: 'Not That Exciting'

Earlier saw the big news that Marvel Studios is in early development on an X-Men movie, but it’s again said the plans are not exciting.


Following today’s news, Twitter scooper CanWeGetSomeToast responded to the announcement.

“This sounds exciting on paper, but it’s actually not that exciting if you consider how Feige wants the MCU X-Men to appear post Avengers Secret Wars,” tweeted the account.

As Feige went woke with Captain Marvel and Phases 4 and 5, a fan questioned, “Should we expect the swap race of Magneto, Professor X, and Jean Grey?”

CanWeGetSomeToast shot back, “You should expect great actors for these characters.”

Update: The account also states Wolverine is not on the X-Men.

“The current idea to reboot the #XMen in the MCU does NOT feature Wolverine on the team… There’s a reason why Marvel is starting to push the X-Men so hard across all mediums, and will continue to push them until they’re on the big screen.”

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Iman Vellani Ms. Marvel

Will Kevin Feige destroy the X-Men as he did the MCU?

Previous rumors offer that Kevin Feige plans on going the diverse route for the X-Men, which I correctly called back in 2019 would destroy the MCU.

It’s not about creating quality organic content and story but all about pushing an agenda that destroys the content, the characters, and the original creators — that’s what woke means.

Leaks on Reddit from back in 2019 offered fans wouldn’t be happy with Feige’s X-Men and Wolverine plans.

A Redditor who leaked a never-before-released Captain Marvel image said that Feige will include mutants on the X-Men who are going to be new ones for diversity and said, “If [you’re] so against it [you’re] definitely not gonna like Fiege’s plans INCLUDING wolverine.”

Further rumors then surfaced that Feige would race swap the X-Men and Wolverine as well.

Let’s not forget former Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso said the X-Men are outdated because it uses the term men, and Marvel Studios executive producer Trinh Tran said back in 2019 “In thinking about the future of the MCU and how all those characters are gonna connect, diversity is crucial in our future.”

Feige has also retconned Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel as the MCU’s first mutant and changed Ms. Marvel in the comics into a mutant.

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