Woke Marvel Producer Explains Why MCU Is Failing

Producer of Eternals and Wakanda Forever won't hire writers that are fans of the Marvel Comics. Wow.

Producer of Eternals and Wakanda Forever won't hire writers that are fans of the Marvel Comics. Wow.

Woke Marvel Producer Explains Why MCU Is Failing

A woke Marvel producer explains exactly why the MCU has been failing with Kevin Feige’s approach to Phase 4 and beyond.

Producer Nate Moore who was responsible for ruining the Eternals movie with his brilliant idea to gender-bend and race-bend the cast reveals he won’t hire writers that are fans of Marvel Comics – you know – the source material.

“One thing I think is interesting, and specifically for writers, I would say, a lot of times, we’re pitched writers who love Marvel,” Moore explained to the Matthew Billoni podcast. “And to me, that’s always a red flag. Because I go, ‘Oh, I don’t want you to already have a pre-existing idea of what it is, because you grew up with Issue 15 and that’s what you want to recreate.'”

So Nate Moore doesn’t want the Marvel writers to have any pre-existing ideas about the characters that come from the Marvel Comics which the entire MCU is based on?

Wow. That explains a lot and explains why Marvel insiders filled me in that Stan Lee was particularly upset about replacing Mar-Vell in the Captain Marvel movie where decades worth of comic book stories were wiped away all for the sake of diversity, which Kevin Feige continues to do.

“I want somebody who’s hard on the material, who goes, ‘What is this? I think there’s a movie here, but maybe we should be looking at it in this way,'” added Moore.

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Mar-Vell Captain Marvel movie

What way should things be looked at? The woke way?

In this way? What way? In the same way the other woke Marvel producer who thinks the X-Men are outdated simply because the word contains “men?”

Oddly, Moore continues with mention of the writers on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame to sell his nonsense, where he says they weren’t fans of the comics growing up, but I’ll say the difference with Markus and McFeely is they didn’t destroy the source material (I don’t blame them for Goofy Hulk and Fat Thor), they were inspired by it and adapted it.

“The best example of that for me was Markus and McFeely, who weren’t comic guys coming up, but were like, ‘Wait, Captain America, this seems a bit weird. What if we kinda looked at it in this way?'” said Moore. “And they weren’t married to anything, nothing was, you know, there was nothing sacrosanct.”

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Comics should be adapted not destroyed

Moore continues by mentioning adapting the Marvel Comics shouldn’t be a direct adaptation, which is true, but in the case of Moore and the woke approach to Phase 4 and beyond, again, what they are doing is intentionally going out of their way to replace characters and change everything about them (i.e Namor) which has resulted in poor quality content because it’s all about selling an agenda instead of creating something good.

“I think that’s important to be able to go, ‘Look, the source material is great, and I love it, and comics work in the medium they were built in, but that’s not a direct, one-to-one translation to the best version of the movie,'” Moore explained. “And sometimes it takes someone who’s out of this culture to go, ‘Hey, I know you think it should be this, but maybe it should be this other thing.'”

What’s too bad is that Ike Perlmutter and his Marvel Comics Creative are no longer involved (did I really say that?) as when they were involved the MCU was a lot closer to the comics and Perlmutter seems to have kept these Hollywood “creative” types at bay (I could care less about the behind-the-scenes drama, at least the MCU was pretty great back then. #RIPMCU).

Worth a mention is that Nate Moore, Kevin Feige, and their approach to Phase 4 is considered a huge bust.

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