Almost 40% Of Marvel Fans Not Happy With The MCU

A study by Fandom reveals MCU fans are feeling fatigue and differences from DC fans.

Almost 40% Of Marvel Fans Not Happy With The MCU

According to a new study, nearly 40% of Marvel fans aren’t happy with Kevin Feige’s MCU as it is reported they are feeling “franchise fatigue.”

However, make no mistake, it’s not “franchise fatigue” the fans are feeling, it’s the content they don’t like put out by Kevin Feige’s approach to Phase 4 and beyond.

If something is good, you are going to like it – you are not going to get tired of it – and if it’s good, you want MORE of it, but that is not what is happening with the MCU, just the opposite.

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Survey reveals Marvel fans are fatigued

Well, Fandom did a survey of 5000 fans and found that 36% of Marvel fans that responded are feeling fatigued about the MCU.

The study questioned fans ranging from 13 and 54 years old and categorized them into four groups: The Advocates – the hardcore zombie fans that will watch anything; The Intentionalists – the largest fan base that usually watches in the first two weeks influenced by things such as marketing and strong reviews, storytelling themes, and actors and filmmakers; The Culturists – fans influenced by buzz that will watch within the first month; The Flirt – those who dabble in the franchises that will most likely watch if they have time or to watch to socialize with friends.

The results reveal that most franchises are made up of normies – Culturalists and Flirts – while Marvel (with 66%) and DC (with 61%) are mostly made up of the hardcore fans, Advocates and Intentionalists.

According to the study, 81% of the Marvel fans are zombies that watch anything put out by the franchise, and 62% of Marvel fans are more focused on the MCU franchise as a whole rather than specific superheroes.

However, it’s revealed 36% of Marvel fans are said to be fatigued by the number of releases in a year, which includes the movies in theaters and the Disney Plus shows and specials.

The data doesn’t go into why the Marvel fans are stating they are fatigued other than insinuating there is just too much of it, but again, I don’t think quantity is the problem, it’s the quality.

There is no question Kevin Feige’s Phase 4 is off to a worse start than anything from Phases 1-3 and new reports offer there are big-time problems at Marvel.

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DC fans are different than the Marvel zombies

What about DC?

The data reveals the DC fans are different than the Marvel fans (simply go on any of the shill sub Reddits to see the difference).

While 81% of the Marvel fans are zombies, it is reported 67% of DC fans would watch anything in the DC franchise, and that 57% of DC fans care more about a specific hero rather than the whole of the DC universe.

What is also interesting is that only 20% of DC fans feel fatigued, and it is also added that DC fans will spend more money on clothing and collectibles and such than Marvel fans.

What also comes as a surprise is that Fandom reports the biggest “largest cinematic release” among its fans through September is The Batman.

That means The Batman comes out on top and beats out Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Thor: Love and Thunder.

Variety first reported on the results.

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