Tom Holland Back As Spider-Man In 6 Marvel Appearances

The actor will be back in the MCU with a new trilogy and possibly even in 'Daredevil: Born Again.'

Tom Holland Back As Spider-Man In 6 Marvel Appearances

Good news for Spidey fans as it is reported Tom Holland has signed a new Marvel deal which will see him appear as Spider-Man in six MCU appearances.

The info again comes from Jeff Sneider via YouTube who just recently saw his Dafnee Keen Star Wars scoop confirmed.

Sneider is also responsible for first spilling the beans about all the problems surrounding the Blade movie.

He’s also chatted about how Doctor Doom isn’t the villain of the Fantastic Four movie, that Adam Driver is up for a role, possibly Doom or even Reed Richards, and that Ryan Gosling might be eyed for Doom.

Doom was also apparently supposed to be in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but got cut for some reason as reported concept art leaked.

Spider-Man Tom Holland and Zendaya

Tom Holland will star in new Spider-Man trilogy

Back to Tom Holland as Spider-Man, the details include that Holland will star in three more Spider-Man movies (a new trilogy) and appear three more times as Spidey in the MCU.

Sneider says he thinks it won’t be Disney Plus TV appearances, though doesn’t rule out an appearance in Daredevil: Born Again.

Interestingly enough, Tom Holland returning as Spider-Man lines up with the actor’s return to social media.

Holland took about three months off from social media but returned about a week ago to promote his Brothers Trust charity.

The actor is currently 26 years old so it seems he will be playing Spidey into his thirties.

While Holland publicly said he doesn’t want to play Spidey in his 30s, it should be said he looks rather young for his age, so he can probably still play a young Web-Slinger in the MCU.

Zendaya is 26 years old as well, but she, too, looks pretty young so it’s safe to say they can go on to star in Spider-Man movies set within the MCU for years to come.

It’s probably safe to say at least one of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appearances outside his new trilogy will be Avengers: Secret Wars which gets released on May 1, 2026, so Holland will be filming as Spidey for at least the next three years.

No Way Home was released a year ago and brought in nearly $2 billion.

In total, all three Spidey flicks starring the young whipper snapper have brought in almost $4 billion.