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Eiza Gonzalez Rumored As Wonder Woman In James Gunn's DCU
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Eiza Gonzalez Rumored As Wonder Woman In James Gunn’s DCU

Eiza Gonzalez is rumored to be the new Wonder Woman in James Gunn’s DCU, with Gal Gadot not returning and exiting the role. Fans spotted a social media post where Eiza Gonzalez responded to a Wonder Woman image posted by James Gunn from the comics. “Happy Wonder Woman Day,” posted Gunn. “This image is the

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Teased For ‘Shazam’ 2; Plot Leaks

It seems likely that Gal Gadot will be appearing as Wonder Woman in Shazam! 2, with the plot for the film also said to have leaked online. While speaking with Empire Magazine, Rachel Zegler happened to drop a big hint that Gal Gadot appears as Wonder Woman as she teased their appearance in Disney’s Snow White isn’t

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Half Of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Viewers Unsubscribed From HBO Max

It’s learned that Wonder Woman 1984 is even a bigger disaster than thought as it is reported half of the WW84 viewers on HBO Max ended up unsubscribing from the streaming service within six months. The info comes via The Wrap from measurement company Antenna, where it’s said about half of the people who signed

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Gal Gadot Confirms ‘Wonder Woman’ 3 Is Years Away

Gal Gadot confirms Wonder Woman 3 is years away as she offers a quick update on the movie, which follows the recent report of a long delay. In an interview with InStyle, Gal Gadot says they are working on the script right now and that they probably won’t start filming for a while: We’re developing

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DCEU Reboot Drops Batman, Superman For DC Female Trinity

Major rumors have surfaced in regards to a DCEU reboot that will drop Batman and Superman in favor of a female DC Trinity involving Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman, with Black Canary also involved. The rumors surround the upcoming movie starring Ezra Miller with The Flash where it is claimed the flick will reboot the

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Confirmed For ‘The Flash’

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is confirmed for The Flash as set pics confirm she has filmed for the movie. As pointed out below on Twitter, Gal Gadot is shown getting makeup done for a movie with the working title “Facil Productions,” which is now known to be for The Flash. Previous rumors have offered director Andy

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‘Wonder Woman’ 3 Plot Rumors Include Jason Momoa Aquaman

Rumors surrounding the Wonder Woman 3 plot offer that Jason Momoa will appear as Aquaman alongside Gal Gadot as the pair reunites following the Justice League movie. The info comes from That Hashtag Show where it is noted the details are from an early script, so things could change as there could be rewrites. Follow

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Gal Gadot Updates ‘Wonder Woman’ 3

We get an update from Gal Gadot about Wonder Woman 3, which follows that prior to the release of the big failure of WW84, Warner Bros. announced the third movie has been greenlit. Variety caught up with Gal Gadot and asked about Wonder Woman 3 while remarking it has been said the flick has been fast-tracked.

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Gal Gadot Cast As Villain of Disney’s Woke ‘Snow White’ Movie

Gal Gadot has been cast as the villain of Disney’s woke Snow White movie. Deadline reports Gal Gadot is in final negotiations to play the Evil Queen. Gadot confirmed the casting news on her Instagram Story. The site’s insiders also offer the live-action film will expand upon the story and music from the original 1937