Review: New Avengers #10 (Infinity)

Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato continue to give us a quality tie-in to the main Infinity event with New Avengers #10. Though the issue is a bit on the repetitive side, it still progresses the story and is a fulfilling read. Essentially the recap contained within is probably not necessary as more people are probably reading the main Infinity event more than New Avengers itself. A lot of the issue is already known and seems as if it is wasted space while, in its place, we could be told more story. However, what we do get with Black Bolt and Doctor Strange makes up for the duplicate storylines.

The issue continues from the events seen at the end of New Avengers #9 where Black Bolt summons the Illuminati to the pocket universe. There, Black Bolt seemingly hands over the secret archives of the Inhumans, but all is not as it seems. The real meat of the story lies with Doctor Strange, and I wish Hickman would have expanded upon that part of the story (or it could be argued Hickman succeeds in heightening the anticipation for more). As it stands, Hickman gives an ample amount as it’s learned Strange is still under the influence of Ebony Maw as the Illuminati seek the whereabouts of the son of Thanos.

The issue also slightly expands upon the events in this week’s Infinity #3, which looks to lead into December’s Matt Fraction Inhumans event. We also get to see how Thanos deals with failure as the Black Dwarf failed to take down Wakanda, with the Mad Titan living up to his moniker. Also for the first time, I believe, we see Thanos and his minions take notice to the other events occurring in Infinity with The Builders and Age Of Ultron; with their reaction being very curious and interesting especially in terms of what is to come.

Mike Deodato’s art is again a joy to behold. I found his take on Beast to be rather interesting as it has an ape-like quality to it. Beast seems to be a character, similar to Hulk, that artists like to interpret in different ways, which can lead to differences of opinions. It didn’t bother me too much; however,  the first panel that featured Beast could have been better depicted as Beast looked like a monkey caught in headlights. Nitpicking aside, Deodato is one of the most reliable artists in the field today.

New Avengers #10 is a great companion book to the Infinity event. If you are enjoying Infinity and looking for something extra to satisfy your craving, pick this issue up.


Infinity #3 Review (Marvel)

Another great issue from Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver and Justin Ponsor. I might as well throw in the editing team because I like to bug Tom Brevoort about the sorry state of Marvel Cosmic; however, Infinity has been just about as far from sorry as you can get (where’s Quasar?!).

Infinity #3 follows the trend set by the two previous issues, which sees Hickman give us narration as the events unfold, in addition to dialogue by the main players. Some might complain that not enough is shown – i.e. it’s told – but I really like it as Hickman’s words are well thought out making the issue a great read. While the issue seems to be more of a set-up for things to come, especially regarding Thanos taking on Earth and Black Bolt, we do get some action out in space with Captain America and The Builders.

The issue sees civilizations fall and worlds brought to their knees, but not Captain America as he has a plan to get back at The Builders. Hickman doesn’t use an original idea, but it works as it shows Cap and crew to be the underdogs while The Builders seem to be over confident in their underestimation of everyone else. One problem I found, however, is that Hickman makes the Earth-centric force to look better than their alien counterparts. We see this with Ronan and Gladiator compared to Cap’s forces and Star Brand. I’m not complaining all that much, just an observation.

We also get a peek at Yondu’s people as Marvel has plans to re-introduce the character just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Speaking of introducing, the events that take place with Thanos and Black Bolt on Attilan lead directly into this December and Matt Fraction’s Inhumans event and new ongoing. I also think Infinity #3 touches upon Age Of Ultron; though I didn’t read that, so can’t be too sure.

Not much can be said about the art that hasn’t been said before. It’s a gritty photo-realistic take perfect for a SF comic book such as this. 

Infinity is turning out to be the best Marvel event in a number of years and everything Marvel Cosmic fans have been asking for: It has a space-based approach with an Earth-centric focus. It’s just too bad the event is happening without Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy as those two series and Annihilation share similar tones with Infinity. Close but not quite there isn’t too bad, I suppose.


Review: Infinity The Hunt #1

I’m still waiting when the creator of Battle Royale is going to file a lawsuit against Disney for Avengers Arena, and while they are at it, they can add Infinity The Hunt #1, as well.

The issue is (basically) the same set-up as Battle Royale – except it is the G-rated version – as all the Marvel schools decide to hold a “Contest of Champions” (rolls eyes) on a remote island for various hand-picked students to compete.

And then Infinity hits, and the issue ends.

The entire issue delves on introducing the young Marvel characters with all those captions: “This is so and so with powers of this and that!” I found myself wanting to skip past every page because the captions are not needed, which caused the issue to be a boring and uninteresting read. I find it better if the reader learns about the characters through storytelling (“show don’t tell”), but that is not what we get with Infinity The Hunt #1. The issue reads as if it is a freebie or a wiki page. Marvel had an opportunity to show these kids off and show us their powers battling it out with Thanos‘ army – and what a first issue that would have made – but sadly again that is not what we get.

Marvel also does not give us Corvus Glaive. If you have been reading the main Infinity series and various tie-ins, you know Corvus Glaive is one of Thanos‘ main goons. Well, judging from the cover you may think that is what will be in the issue, or maybe as it is titled “The Hunt,” possibly an Outrider or two. Wrong; no Corvus Glaive; no Outriders; at least not, yet. Wait: Marvel used the Infinity event to take advantage of help convince people to pick up this limited series at $4.00 a pop? Not surprising, just go pick up Thunderbolts #14.

The main problem with the issue is that it is supposed to be an Infinity tie-in, or book for that matter, and it is not. I do not see why the entire first issue devotes itself to introducing all these characters with no action whatsoever, no hook, nothing. Okay, the last page was “go read the next issue because that is where the real story starts.” I’m sorry; I was done with that during Fear Itself. If you are interested with the young’ins of the Marvel U. (and of course Wolverine etc.),  then skip this issue and buy #2 next month.

The art of Steve Sanders is hit or miss depending on your tastes; it does go well with a book such as this. It sorta has that Cartoon Network feel to it that is popular with kids nowadays. I do prefer my art photo-realistic and gritty, which this is not, and again it is a matter of taste, but the story in this issue does nothing to help out the art. All Sanders did is draw various characters in panels, add a bit of expression, and that’s it. There is no action, so the art is just simple character designs with the added lettering explaining who the characters are. The issue is a yawn fest.

I think the blame for this issue goes mostly to the editing team behind the book, and not as much Kindt and Sanders. My guess it that the first and second issues could be merged together, and be “issue #1,” but Marvel ED is drawing it out. I’ll let you speculate why that is.

I’m enjoying the main Infinity series, but these tie-in issues need a lot of work.


Review: Avengers #19 (Infinity)

Avengers #19 not only continues the grand sci-fi threads of Avengers #18 and Infinity #2, but demonstrates how a complex cosmic “event” with tie-in issues should be done.
Those who had doubts last year about the long term stylings of Jonathan Hickman are now kicking themselves in the arses and buying back issues like crazy.
There is a place where Marvel Cosmic is alive.
In Avengers #19, the spotlight falls on Carol Danvers and also demonstrates just what a putz Peter Quill’s father can be!
There is something disturbing about the Builders using their Gardeners for destructive purposes. Thus why OUR Ex Nihilio has an “A” on his chest!
And if you ever thought the Kree Supreme Intelligence didn’t rock, well, this ain’t exactly Mar-Vell’s Supremor. Cool!
The artwork of Leinil Yu is breathtaking. From his depiction of Carol Danvers’ capture to Galactic Council politics to the frantic action of Earth superheroes in deep space, this is what makes the term “tie-in” a truth rather than hyperbole as far as this grand space opus is concerned. The Complete Yu never looked better!
Like in days of old, I look forward to each installments of this saga, whether in the core Infinity book or the Avengers and New Avengers tie-ins.
This is the Essential Marvel (NOW) Cosmic of our time, and do not be surprised if comparisons to Annihilation finally begin to rear their heads here.
We are in the midst of a classic. Enjoy!

Top 10 Comic Book Sales For August 2013; Infinity & Superman On Top


Diamond has released the top ten estimates for comic book sales for the month of August where Infinity and Superman come out on top.

Infinity #1 takes the top position overall, which I think is well deserved, followed by Superman Unchained #3.

Batman and the Justice League titles still reign supreme along with Superior Spider-Man, another consistent title in the top ten list.

Looks like Avengers got a boost from the Infinity event.

We also see comic book sales saw a steep drop in August compared to the previous month as well as the previous year.

August 2013 sales are down 15% from July with graphic novel sales down 24%, and comic book sales are down 14.29% compared to 2012’s August numbers.

However, the unit numbers are down a similar number, which means the publishers just didn’t ship as much equating to consumers not buying as much.

Marvel also won in the battle of both unit and dollar share for August as well.



























































Sales Comparisons




AUGUST 2013 VS. JULY 2013










































































Marvel Teaser #4 Asks “Are We…?”

Marvel teaser #4 asks “Are We…?” continuing with a series of questions that surround something coming out in December.

More than likely these are related to Matt Fractions new Inuman series and event with “Inhumanity.”

Marvel stated as a result of what goes down during Infinity, the terrigen mists spread throughout Earth giving people inhuman powers of their own.

The questions seem to fit.

We’ll have to wait a couple weeks for definite answers as Marvel looks to be announcing what the deal is either Tuesday the 17th or Wednesday the 18th.



Marvel “Is She” Teaser

Marvel released a third teaser with “Is She…?” The previous two asked similar questions with “Are They…?” and “Is He…?“ The big reveal looks to be coming in two weeks. Any ideas? [[wysiwyg_imageupload:10744:]]


Review: Infinity #2

We are two issues into Infinity and Jonathan Hickman has given us an event by far better than any of the “big” ones preceding it. Infinity #2 has something for every fan of Marvel as it’s essentially a Marvel Cosmic event set on Earth and at the same time out in space. It’s a win-win situation.

I also like that Hickman’s Infinity and his Avengers tie-ins are not drawn out repeats. All of Hickman’s Infinity and related issues have provided some real storytelling, progressing the story rather than drawing it out for the sake of filling and selling issues. Obviously there will be recaps of the important events that occurred in the other books (New Avengers #9), but as an example, Infinity #2 continues the story instead of having to wait until New Avengers #10. Hopefully the trend continues and NA #10 isn’t just more of the same from Infinity #2. So far the series is definitely paying off for the non-trade readers.

This issue deals with Corvus Glaive and his meeting with the leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. Hickman provides some pretty great dialogue back and forth between Glaive and Medusa. “No. Like Thanos, of Titan, in the now,” Glaive responds to Maximus‘ remark about Herod killing the children of Bethlehem. Very nice and a great set-up. We are also taken to Captain America and the war taking place at the Corridor in deep space. I’m not big on Cap off planet, but Hickman quickly introduces Gladiator who assembles a Shiar strike force only to have their first major win, not be such a victory when all is said and done. Great touch!

There’s not much that can be said about Opena and Weaver other than their art is frickinstellar. Gotta love the photo-realistic aspects (my favorite) that the duo offer, and coupled with Ponsor’s colors it feels as if you are watching an epic space opera on the big screen.

The concluding pages we also learn there is a lot more to the story leaving the reader salivating for more as if they were one of Glaive’s outlanders! Yes, more than one!

While we here at Cosmic Book News are hard on Marvel for their choices regarding Marvel Cosmic, I have to give them credit where credit is due as Infinity has started off to be one heck of a series.


Infinity # 2 Spoiler And Is He…?



Infinity #2 hit today and Hickman provides another fabulous issue!

The final page reveals a big mystery and one that may have to do with the earlier “Is He” teaser.

Spoilers follow for Infinity#2.

Part of the issue takes up where New Avengers #9 left off with Black Bolt summoning the Illuminati.

Black Bolt summons them to a pocket universe where Black Bolt is able to talk.

BB tells the other members of the Illuminati he is going to have a show down with Thanos over the tribute, and hands over the Inhumans secret archive.

Well, what’s the big deal about that?

It’s a big deal because it contains what Thanos wants and the REAL reason Thanos came to Earth!

In the archive is the identity of Thanos‘ son!

And Thanos has come to Earth to kill him!

Infinity #3 hits September 18th, the same day the teaser hints at a big reveal…

(on a side note Marvel canceled the “Thanos: Son of Titan” series, maybe this is why)



New Avengers #9 Review (Infinity)

Fantastic issue!

For once we are given a tie-in to Infinity that actually progresses the story and is not drawn out between at least two issues or has nothing to do with the event!

Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato are a stellar team that comes through for any Marvel fan!

The issue sees Thanos‘ lieutenants make their way to Earth in search of the last Infinity Gem. As seen in Infinity #1, the Outrider has robbed the memories from Black Bolt giving Thanos the identities of the Illuminati. As the Black Order make their way to Earth to confront the Earth’s mightiest, heroes are gutted, heroes are victorious, and heroes are no more! Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Namor, and Beast are all targets of the Mad Titan’s cosmic henchmen.

Finally, Earth gets a taste of what it’s been like to live amongst the stars as the great beyond holds threats beyond their wildest imagination, and now those threats reach Earth! As the heroes have bickered amongst themselves for the past 10 years, Marvel Cosmic saw epic battles with the fate of the universe at stake! It’s just a shame that Marvel chose to cancel all the previous Marvel Cosmic-goodness and not include Abnett and Lanning’s Cosmic as part of Infinity. Shame on you, Marvel!

I did have one small problem with this issue and it was the last page; I had no idea what it was supposed to depict. Was it an Infinity Gem, as the issue seemed to be building toward it? Was it a repulsor blast? Did Black Bolt borrow Iron Man tech? No! In order to find out you had to use the Marvel AR App which revealed an utterly ridiculous video with some guy dressed as Black Bolt. Seriously?! What Black Bolt is actually holding is a beacon that can call the other New Avengers. I don’t think we needed a dumb Marvel AR App video for that, Tom!

Ranting aside, the issue was pretty great. You can’t beat Deodato’s photo-realistic art. The page with Doctor Strange getting probed felt like I was experiencing it as well! The Wolverine battle was just as impressive! And who would have thought Black Panther?! (though he could have used some more scrapes, cuts, bruises etc.)

If you are reading the main Infinity event and enjoying it, you will love this issue. If anything, stick with Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers as the must read tie-ins to read.


Review: Avengers Assemble #18 (Infinity)

Picture it: The most dangerous foe the Earth has EVER faced has its sight’s set on Earth.

The Avengers respond by sending out an “initial strike team into space to face the onslaught.”

Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Spider-Woman, Thor, Hulk, Captain Ms. Marvel, and Manifold answer the call.

Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Shang-Chi? Marvel, are you freaking kidding me? Might as well throw in the Hulk, too, as he looks absolutely ridiculous in the space armor as does Spider-Woman, who somehow doesn’t need her breasts and stomach covered (lol). The only character that makes sense is Thor, who isn’t even really featured in the issue except for asking Captain America for help, as Cap pilots some sort of Avengers space-fighter cruiser.

Being that it’s Kelly Sue DeConnick, the issue has a flavor of the female mindset in that it’s told from the perspective of Spider-Woman, with hints of her sleeping with Hawkeye as well as some caddy competition with Captain Ms. Marvel. And it’s a poor attempt in that.

Basically, the issue is this squad of Avengers going out into space to meet The Builders with some other alien species in the mix. Cap and crew are buzzing around firing their laser blasters here and there. Hulk and Spider-Woman go out into space for some recon (wearing pitiful-looking spacesuits) where an explosion and collision causes Spider-Woman to become deserted. Jessica goes on to lament about how life basically sucks etc. when a Skrull is there to save her! Now that wasn’t such a bad hook, as the cover does bring forth memories of Secret Invasion. The final page sees Hawkeye and Captain Ms. Marvel in another space-fighter seemingly deserted as well, but none of The Avengers are worried, even though we must assume no contact has been made and communications are down. It’s the middle of space, a pair of Avengers are missing, and no search party is sent out. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Regarding the art, I had to take a second look at the credits as I couldn’t believe this was from Barry Kitson. Not sure what happened with this issue, but it definitely wasn’t Kitson’s best work. I see Kitson is credited on inks as well, so all the blame can’t be place on a poor inking job alone. I think the last Kitson art I can recall reviewing was Greg Pak’s Incredible Huk, which was breathtaking, as was Kitson’s issues of Fantastic Four with Jonathan Hickman.

This Infinity tie-in isn’t much better than Thunderbolts #14; it reads as a dumb-down version of Marvel Cosmic for Avengers fans. 

We’re really expected to believe the characters used in this book are the Avengers’ initial strike teak against the universe’s most deadliest foes ever?

As with Thunderbolts #14, Avengers Assemble #18 can be skipped in its entirety as related to an Infinity tie-in.

If you are new to the Marvel Cosmic stuff, I strongly suggest you get ahold of Keith Giffen’s Annihilation and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s subsequent Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy series because there is just no comparison.


Thunderbolts #14 (Infinity)

Thunderbolts #14 is a tie-in to the Avengers Infinity event, and it’s a cheap one in that.

I don’t mean the price, because the issue isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, but it has one or two pages at the end of the issue that “somehow” make it part of Infinity.

Basically the entire issue is a lot of exposition and useless dialogue with the Thunderbolts deciding what mission to do next – which has absolutely nothing to do with Infinity except for The Punisher telling the team that the Avengers are now off-world in the aforementioned two pages at the end.

I don’t even know where to begin with the art, but it’s definitely the type where you are either going to love it or hate it. Obviously, I am with the latter as I actually think Thunderbolts might be a parody of the previous squad as well as the Marvel U. in general. My personal opinion is the art style is the wrong choice for such a book and completely wrong for Marvel.

Thunderbolts #14 brings up recollection of publishers attempting to cash in on the latest fad event, and that is exactly what is going on with this issue. 

This one can be skipped entirely, so don’t waste your time and money.


Review: Avengers #18 (Infinity)

Well, finally, Thanos, the Builders and the first issue of this summer’s Infinity have struck and we found them very entertaining and engaging.
Now the first tie-in comes with Avengers #18 and, surprisingly, Jonathan Hickman’s usual slow and exposition-filled narration is on hold as this issue moves quite well and shows that, indeed, the author was speaking straight when he earlier said things were headed somewhere.
For all the cosmic fans who’ve been missing that genre at Marvel badly, the array of alien races, cosmic battles and other galactic trappings here are beautiful, thanks to the artistry of Leinil Yu.
Hickman really gives you a space tale for the ages as the Avengers join others in planning the downfall of the Builders, moving through the universe like the Annihilation Wave (so it’s ironic to see Annihilus on our side, lol) and destroying everything in its path.
The sad part is, if you have been following this incarnation of Avengers, you would know that heavy hitters like Hulk, Thor, Hyperion, Iron Man and others usually wind up looking flatter than Beetle Bailey after a meeting with Sergeant Snorkel. We could do with a little less of that, Mr. Hickman.
Avengers #18 is a cosmic success. If you liked Infinity, you will not want to miss this exciting tie-in!

Brew’s Crew: Ex Nihilo


It was only appropriate — and I do not know if anyone else caught this — that when we rebooted to a new Avengers #1 that we have a villain with a rack that looks like the helmet of … Loki!

So we did, and his name was Ex Nihilo. These days, fighting in Infinity, he is an Avenger, as is his sister Abyss.

Courtesy Jonathan Hickman and Nil in Avengers #2, the character conveniently tells his own origin:

At the dawn of everything were the Builders. They were the first race, the oldest living things in the cosmos. They were a perfect people — and for a great while they worshipped the Goddess, the mother-maker herself, the Universe.

Eventually, they grew beyond this — abandoning the old ways of reverence for the new path of relevance. As expansion and evolution occurred, the Builders created aggressive systems to correct, shape and control the very structure of space and time.

The first of these systems were Gardeners — Alephs sent out into the wild to purge species unfit, and unsuitable, for their new universe.

For hundreds of millions of years, our Aleph (the one encountered on Mars by the Avengers) razed world after world — all of which he deemed unfit for progress. Until one day, he encountered a species he considered worthy of preservation. He found them worthy of evolution.

Then the Gardener released the garden he had carried with him for all that time. No two seeds an Aleph carries are the same. The Builders, in all the wisdom, knew creation was chaos and fully embraced the inconstant constant. This Aleph — our Aleph — yielded myself, Ex Nihilo, and my sister, Abyss.

And from that day forward, whenever we hear the call of a living, wild world, we either break it, or attempt to transform the base species we find there into magnificent, more transcendent, creatures.

Although we are just now seeing other Ex Nihili, apparently the Builders have created many of these entities. And, as Hickman has said, “some stuff has happened over the millions of years since [the Builders] sent them out.”

From his response in Infinity #1, it does not look like our Avenger, Ex Nihilo, believes or approves of what his Builders and fellows are up to now.

Stay tuned to Avengers and Infinity!


Classic Quasar Featured On Avengers #19 50th Anniversary Cover

Make that two 50th anniversary covers for the Protector of the Universe, Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar.

The first sees Quasar on a variant for Avengers #18.

The second has Quasar on one of the five John Cassaday variants to Avengers #19.

Seems Marvel didn’t forget Quasar for these covers, but where is the POTU for the Infinity event (seeing how he is the avatar of Infinity)?!







Hickman Says More Spaceknights To Come Post-Infinity

Spoilers follow for this week’s issue of Infinity #1 from Marvel Comics.


As depicted in Infinity #1, The Builders come upon Galador where Ikon and the rest of the Spaceknights defend their planet; however, all is lost as a world bomb is unleashed blowing the planet to smithereens.

As Cosmic Book News M.E. Bryron Brewed stated in his Infinity #1 review, during Annihilators it was suggested that Rom the Spaceknight was off planet.

While we may never see Rom due to licensing issues, that doesn’t mean that other Spaceknights weren’t off planet as well.

And that’s exactly what Jonathan Hickman says, as well as stating he blew up Galador just to show how powerful the big bads are.

Hickman also says he will be revisting the Spaceknights later down the road.

Via CBR:

Following the prologue with Thanos and his army we move right into the main action which kicks off with the destruction of Galador. I imagine “Rom” and Space Knights fans are probably wondering, why Galador?

Hickman: Well there were a couple of reasons. Number one was that I wanted to include the Space Knights and I thought it was a really cool set piece. Then on top of that, is an answer that I don’t really want to reveal, but I’m happy to. I have an idea kicking around in the back of my head that I think would be super cool coming out of “Infinity” that deals with the Space Knights that have lost their planet. We’ll see the survivors of Galador later on in “Infinity.”

So there are several reasons behind it, but probably the most honest and obvious answer is that we wanted to show what our bad guys were capable of.



Infinity #1 Review

Well, it’s here! And as usual the cosmic-minded Jonathan Hickman delivers … and how!
How the writer balances all the locations, characters and action in this overstuffed first issue of Marvel’s summer blockbuster is anyone’s guess.
And while doing so, he is also shoring up and fleshing out danglers and brief situations from Avengers and New Avengers.
Despite the text pages and reprintings of FCBD materials (which I for one had not yet read), if you want a solid beginning to an enthralling event, Hickman has pulled it off in Infinity #1.
As mentioned elsewhere by EIC Matt McGloin, we do say goodbye this issue (as hinted by Captain Universe in Avengers) to a DnA character, Ikon of the Spaceknights. And, it appears, the entire planet of Galador. I never cared for Ikon, but I certainly hope this does not preclude someday the return of Rom. In the second Annihilators series, he was off-planet and apparently had been for sometime.
We only have one issue to appreciate the art of Jim Cheung, but oh what a grand performance he gives in this cosmic opus. Especially memorable are the Galador sequence and those awesome cuts to the face of the mad Titan, Thanos.
While this has many hints of a Hickman property others would trade for more story, Infinity #1 is truly an enjoyable book of cosmic proportions. Avengers fans will be especially thrilled.

Marvel Kills Off DnA’s Spoiler In Infinity #1


Add another to the list of characters that Marvel has either rebooted, done away with or killed off in relation to the Annihilation era.

Spoilers follow.

Joining Richard Rider and Darkhawk (might as well add the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova), DnA’s Spaceknight from Annihilators gets the axe (or is that axeled?) with Ikon.

Actually the entire planet of Galador gets blown to bits, so any hope of Rom is lost as well.

The Builders send their invading force to Galador where a group of Spaceknights are defending the planet. Successfully by the looks of it, too.

Captain Universe is there just looking on stating “it’s” going to happen, so does nothing to stop “it.”

The Builders end up using some sort of world bomb.


There goes Galador as well as the Spaceknights and Ikon.

And I don’t think they are coming back because all that was left was about as much as was shown with Alderaan in Star Wars.

Nice knowing ya.

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Silver Surfer Gets An Infinity Infinite Comic

Marvel Comics announces the Silver Surfer Infinite comic Infinity: Against The Tide.

And it’s available now!

Infinity: Against The Tide comes from Jason Latour and Agustin Alessio, and is available free as part of the redemption code found in today’s Infinity #1.

It’s also free with a digital purchase of Infinity #1 and can be bought for $1.99 separately as well.

With the life-destroying Builders continuing their crash course to Earth, the former herald of Galactus may be all that stands between them and complete cosmic chaos! But when he witnesses the magnitude of Builders’ destruction, can the Surfer rise to stop their mad bid for supremacy or will he fall prey to their destructive wake?

As the Avengers scramble to keep the universe intact, the Power Cosmic clashes with the Unstoppable Evil in the all-new INFINITY: AGAINST THE TIDE INFINITE COMIC #1.