Snyder Cut: Ben Affleck Shares Epic New Batman Image


Ben Affleck takes to social media to share an epic new look at Batman from the Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie.

“UsUnited,” Affleck posted on his official Instagram page.

The image offers another look at Batman battling the Parademons.

Recall how the recent image that Zack Snyder released of Batman shows a battle with the Parademons, so this pic looks to be from another perspective (see below).

Joe Manganiello also released a cool new look at Deathstroke, and Henry Cavill released a black suit Superman image.

Zack also recently revealed that Ben Affleck is happy to be back as Batman.

“Yeah. I think he forgot how uncomfortable it is,” Snyder told Grace Randolph about Ben Affleck’s return as the Dark Knight. “But that’s fine. He was incredibly gracious. It’s funny how they just [snaps fingers] you know. You watch [snaps fingers] them just go, ‘Oh, this is like yesterday.’ Yeah, it was really fun… A couple of the costumes have been in archives for a while. They were all over the place in museums and stuff. We had to tear them out of there. I think one of the cowls we put on just kind of like ripped in half. That’s all cool stuff.”

Ben Affleck is also rumored to be getting his own HBO Max series for his version of The Batman that he didn’t get a chance to make. It’s rumored that if the Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie is a big success, that the Snyder Verse will go on to continue on the HBO Max streaming service with additional DC projects including Justice League 2, Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke, and more. Zack recently teased Justice League 2 involving Darkseid.

The Snyder Cut gets released on HBO Max in 2021.

Ben Affleck Batman vs Parademons:


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Snyder Cut Ben Affleck as Batman vs Parademons

Snyder Cut Batman vs Paradmons