Pedro Pascal Out As The Mandalorian; Voice Acting Only


It’s claimed that Pedro Pascal is out as The Mandalorian and will only be providing the voice acting for the character going forward for Season 3, which follows last week’s rumors of problems about the actor while on set.

Recapping the earlier rumor that came from YouTuber Grace Randolph, it’s said that Pedro Pascal wanted to be seen in the series without his helmet, which led to him clashing with The Mandalorian creators, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. It’s claimed that Pascal went to LucasFilm in an attempt to get LucasFilm to intervene on his behalf, but that didn’t work out, which caused The Mandalorian creators to tell Pedro Pascal that he should “just go,” from the set while filming Season 2, which Pascal did. This is said to have led to a big change in The Mandalorian Season 2 which shifts the focus from Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian to follow stories about other characters (which is something confirmed by Favreau in that interview with Entertainment Weekly).

Now we get a rumored update on possibly what really went down, which comes from “the future ruler of Earth,” Doomcock from the Overlord DVD YouTube channel who has been providing all kinds of Star Wars leaks as of late, as well as those Star Trek rumors, and Disney losing confidence in Brie Larson and Captain Marvel (which follows Kevin Feige now focusing on Scarlet Witch instead of Carol Danvers).

According to Doomcock, what really went down is that, yes, Pedro Pascal wanted to be seen more in the series without his helmet, but that he didn’t go to LucasFilm or Kathleen Kennedy, it’s claimed Pedro Pascal actually mentioned it to George Lucas on set one day with the hope that George Lucas could change the minds of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni because Pascal knew how much they respected Lucas. So when Favreau and Filoni didn’t change their mind, Pascal became upset, showed up late on set, caused friction on set, etc. Doomcock also says that Pascal was jealous of all the attention Gina Carano’s character and Baby Yoda were receiving. This is when The Mandalorian creators told Pascal to leave the set, which is said to be around the halfway mark of filming Season 2 and why The Mandalorian shifts focus to the other characters (ironically, probably shifting focus, in part, to Carano’s Cara Dune).

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Pedro Pascal Gina Carano Carl Weathers The Mandalorian Season 2

Pedro Pascal jealous over Gina Carano and Baby Yoda

“According to this source, one of our most reliable insiders, there is indeed a problem with Pedro Pascal,” explains Doomcock. “Pedro has felt very frustrated at being hidden behind a mask and wanting more face time on the show. Pedro wanted the chance to use his acting abilities to bring this character to life. My source claims that Pedro Pascal was jealous over Gina Carano and Baby Yoda getting all the attention when he’s the actual star of the show and this did indeed lead to some friction.”

While not specifically mentioned, it should probably be said that Pascal more than likely doesn’t have any personal issues or problems with Carano, as Carano recently said she talked with Pascal about how she was getting bullied online by those woke trans bullies.

George Lucas Jon Favreau The Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal complained to George Lucas

Regarding Pedro Pascal allegedly going to LucasFilm and Kathleen Kennedy to intervene on his behalf, Doomcock says that isn’t true because Kennedy has no power to change the show (so we can assume Pascal knew that and wouldn’t have gone to Kennedy for help) but that he actually discussed things with George Lucas.

“Pedro Pascal only mentioned the situation to George Lucas one day while Lucas was visiting the set, so this source claims that while indeed Pascal was unhappy about the situation the whole incident was being blown out of proportion,” says Doomcock. “People this source has spoken to claim the situation has been addressed and my source couldn’t understand why this was all being brought up now. But then at the end, something happened that made me very suspicious, my source concluded that they could neither confirm nor deny that Pedro Pascal will be in Season 3 of The Mandalorian.”

Pedro Pascal Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Season 2

Pedro Pascal told to get the f’ out of The Mandalorian set

While both Randolph and Doomcock back Pascal wanting more face time, I happen to agree with Favreau and Filoni as the show is not “Pedro Pascal,” it’s “The Mandalorian,” about a character who has a specific code not to show his face — something shared by his sect of Mandalorians. Doomcock also thinks that not being able to show the face of Pedro Pascal hinders the storyline, but I disagree with that as well, as the story is about a loner. “This is the way.”

“According to this last-minute source, Pedro Pascal did indeed speak to George Lucas on the set of The Mandalorian one day. He knew that Favreau and Filoni both respect George’s opinion, and he was hoping that George could make Favreau and Filoni see the light, look at things from Pascal’s perspective and get him some face time on the show. This apparently didn’t work and at that point, the problems began,” says Doomcock. “Pascal allegedly became very difficult to work with. He would pull the helmet off in the middle of scenes without warning. He started getting his lines wrong. Showing up for work late. His attitude started causing a lot of friction on the set so bad that at one point he was told to leave the set. This apparently is the source of the rumor that he walked off the set. It seems he didn’t quit so much as he was told ‘to get the f’ out.'”

Pedro Pascal Baby Yoda Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2

Pedro Pascal not returning to the set of The Mandalorian for Season 3

Doomcock goes to explain that, according to his sources, the situation has been resolved in a way that should make everyone involved feel comfortable.

“But here is the kicker, folks,” reveals Doomcock. “My initial source said the situation is resolved and they could neither confirm nor deny that Pedro Pascal will return for Season 3 of The Mandalorian. Well, my new source now claims that the situation is resolved alright, Pedro Pascal will not be returning to the set of The Mandalorian. From Season 3 onward he will only be recording lines for The Mandalorian. He will no longer be appearing on camera. It will be someone else in the suit. This satisfies Pascal who will have to work a lot less and will no longer be shoved into uncomfortable costume all day, and it satisfies the crew as the guy in the suit will no longer be pulling off his helmet in the middle of takes and complaining to George Lucas.”