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Pedro Pascal May Exit ‘The Mandalorian’ Following Gina Carano

While Star Wars fans are canceling their Disney Plus subscriptions in droves, it’s suggested that Pedro Pascal may exit The Mandalorian, which follows Gina Carano getting fired from the series by Disney and Lucasfilm. It’s also suggested that The Mandalorian may be canceled and that a Season 3 will not happen. YouTuber Grace Randolph has

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Gina Carano Under Attack Again

The Mandalorian star Gina Carano is under attack again by the liberal mob this time due to social media posts in regards to comparing political oppression to the Nazi treatment of the Jews in WWII. Update: Disney has fired Gina Carano. Original article continues:   Tuesday saw Carano share a post on her Instagram story which has

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No Star Wars Reset Hints Jon Favreau

While rumors have been swirling for a while in regards to some sort of Disney Star Wars reset, retcon, or flat out erasure, a new interview with Jon Favreau suggests that is not the case. Rumors offer a Star Wars “civil war” has been taking place at Disney between Kathleen Kennedy and Jon Favreau which

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