‘Gladiator II’ Trailer Shows Off Paul Mescal Battling Pedro Pascal

Lucius' peaceful life with his family is interrupted when conquerors from his homeland start to invade.

gladiator ii poster trailer

Paramount Pictures has released the trailer and poster for Ridley Scott’s Gladiator II featuring Paul Mescal battling Pedro Pascal.

The first poster also features Paul Mescal as Lucius preparing for battle in the gladiator arena, and new character posters have also been released.

A batch of images was also released last week featuring Pedro Pascal as Marcus Acacius, a Roman general who trained under Russell Crowe’s character from the first movie. 

Watch the trailer below.

gladiator 2 poster

What is Gladiator II about?

Thanks to that Vanity Fair first-look article, in Gladiator 2, decades have passed, and Lucius has grown up far from his mother (Connie Nielsen). As a child, Lucilla sent him to Numidia, on Africa’s northern coast, just beyond Rome’s reach at that time. Lucius never fully understood her decision, and his resentment grew as he matured, despite her good intentions.

gladiator 2 poster 1 1
Paul Mescal is Lucius

However, things change when Pedro Pascal’s Marcus Acacius shows up who is a Roman general.

gladiator 2 poster 2
Pedro Pascal is Marcus Acacius

Lucius lives a peaceful life with his wife and child in a coastal town in Numidia but their life is disrupted when conquerors from his homeland start to invade. Pascal’s Marcus Acacius leads the invasion.

gladiator 2 poster 3
Denzel Washington is Macrinus

Here is the official synopsis:

From legendary director Ridley Scott, Gladiator II continues the epic saga of power, intrigue, and vengeance set in Ancient Rome. Years after witnessing the death of the revered hero Maximus at the hands of his uncle, Lucius (Paul Mescal) is forced to enter the Colosseum after his home is conquered by the tyrannical Emperors who now lead Rome with an iron fist. With rage in his heart and the future of the Empire at stake, Lucius must look to his past to find strength and honor to return the glory of Rome to its people.

gladiator 2 poster 4
Fred Hechinger is Emperor Caracalla

Gladiator II gets released November 22, 2024 directed by Ridley Scott and written by David Scarpa. The film also stars, Joseph Quinn, Fred Hechinger, Lior Raz, Derek Jacobi, Nielsen and Denzel Washington.

Watch the trailer:

Gladiator II | Official Trailer (2024 Movie) - Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington
gladiator 2 poster 5
Joseph Quinn is Emperor Geta
gladiator 2 poster 6
Connie Nielsen is Lucilla

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