‘Morbius’ Reviews Are Here With Rotten Tomatoes Score In

Jared Leto's living vampire may need a defibrillator as well as a jump start of good reviews.


Exactly as I predicted, the late release of the Morbius reviews doesn’t spell good news for the film as the flick’s Rotten Tomatoes Score is drained of blood.

For whatever reason (well, we might know now), Sony only allowed the Morbius reviews to be released a day prior to the movie debuting for Thursday previews, and they ain’t good.

With 51 reviews presently accounted for, the Morbius Rotten Tomatoes Score stands at 20% which is up from a couple of hours ago as it was only at 16%.

Update: With 127 reviews, Morbius is at 17%; the Audience Score is at 64%.

If the score holds, that would put Morbius among the lowest of anything to come from “Marvel,” on par with the likes of Inhumans (11%), Iron Fist (37%), Ghost Rider: Spirits of Vengeance (18%), Ghost Rider (26%), the two Punisher movies (29%), and DC’s Zack Snyder movie Batman vs Superman (29%) and Batman and Robin (12%). Ouch.

The box office isn’t expected to be much better as Sony is only estimating Morbius to open to $33 million.

I’m actually looking forward to Morbius and to be honest, I’m not expecting it to be Spider-Man: No Way Home, but having this many bad reviews now has me worried. How bad could it be?

Check out what some of the reviews have to say below.

Details on the post-credit scenes here.

Morbius opens on April 1 directed by Daniel Espinosa who recently confirmed a Spider-Man exists in the universe, and the film also stars Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, and Tyrese Gibson.

Morbius reviews

What the Morbius reviews say:

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