Jeph Loeb, Marvel Cut Asian Storylines In Daredevil


It’s alleged that Jeph Loeb and Marvel TV intentionally cut certain storylines from the Netflix Daredevil series because they involved Asian characters.

According to actor Peter Shinkoda, who played Nobu, in Marvel’s Daredevil, it was Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb who wouldn’t allow the writers on the series to develop Asian storylines (via Save Daredevil Con YouTube):

Jeph Loeb told the writer’s room not to write for Nobu and Gao, and this was reiterated many times by many of the writers and showrunners, that nobody cares about Chinese people and Asian people. ‘There was three previous Marvel movies, a trilogy called Blade, where Wesley Snipes kills 200 Asians each movie, nobody gives a sht-t, so don’t write about Nobu and Gao.’ And they were forced to put their storyline down and drop it.

I am privy to that storyline, they explained it to me, and they were very apologetic that they couldn’t go through with it, but their hands were tied. It was a very interesting storyline about having to go [to New York] under the guise of getting some kind of transplant for medical reasons, and it was a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy was fudged, so that Nobu could get into the country and then carry out his Black Sky plans. But all that backstory was dropped, and the writers that told me they were reluctant to do it because they were so stoked about the storyline, but they were prevented. So I had to concoct this other storyline and then rock that material that I was given. Regretfully, I didn’t get to ever explore that.”

Update: Shinkoda added on Twitter:

Jeph Loeb Marvel

Jeph Loeb not well-liked within the industry, Marvel

While it’s the first that I have heard about Jeph Loeb acting this way, recall insiders filled me in last year that Loeb is not well-liked in the industry. I was actually specifically told he’s an “a-hole.”

I was also told a Daredevil reboot is going to take place, and recently saw a Marvel insider offer that the Daredevil reboot under Kevin Feige won’t feature Charlie Cox, as Feige likes to do things his own way, so it sounds as if new actors will be used in the roles.

Feige also recently axed all of Marvel TV and is said to have fired Jeph Loeb.

Feige has also insinuated that Marvel TV, including the Daredevil and Netflix Marvel series, is not MCU canon.

Prior to Kevin Feige basically taking over all of Marvel, there was a big rift at Disney between Marvel Studios and the rest of Marvel which includes Marvel TV and Comics, as Feige didn’t get along with Ike Perlmutter who, at the time, is said to have greatly interfered with the MCU. Perlmutter and his Marvel Creative Committee are no longer involved with the MCU, and most of them are gone from Marvel.

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