Fans Again Want Grant Gustin As The Flash Due To Ezra Miller Debacle

Two years to the day, fans take to social media demanding Grant Gustin play DC's Scarlett Speedster in the movies.


Fans again want Grant Gustin as their choice of The Flash in the DC movies, which follows the recent arrest of Ezra Miller.

As I wrote exactly two years ago (what a coincidence), following the video that surfaced showing Ezra Miller choking a woman while filming Fantastic Beasts 3 in Iceland, fans took to social media to petition that they want Grant Gustin as The Flash in The Flash movie.

However, that didn’t happen, Warner Bros. didn’t do anything about it, and now here we are with Ezra Miller not only arrested but it has also been learned a restraining order has been issued against Miller following his arrest for more alleged bizarre behavior. 

So fans are again on social media demanding for Grant Gustin to take over, as the topic is trending on Twitter.

“Following news that executives are discussing Ezra Miller’s future with Warner Bros. and DC Comics after the Flash actor’s recent arrest, some are voicing their opinion that Grant Gustin, who portrays The Flash on the CW, should take Miller’s place in the films,” states the Twitter caption.

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Ezra Miller as The Flash is on hold

Regarding what the executives at Warner Bros. are discussing, Rolling Stone reported Ezra Miller as The Flash is on hold following a WB emergency meeting.

It has also been claimed that Miller’s problematic behavior is the real reason why WB changed the DC slate of release dates which sees The Flash moved seventh months back from the start of the DC films to the end.

Regarding Grant Gustin taking over The Flash duties on the big screen, while that seems doubtful to me, both Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin appeared together in The CW’s big Crisis crossover, and since The Flash deals with time travel and such, it wouldn’t be too hard for Grant Gustin, or another actor, to take over in a timey wimey matter, which looks to be a strong possibility, especially with Discover taking over and cleaning house.

The CW recently renewed The Flash starring Grant Gustin, which has been reported to be a shorted season and the last.

Check out Twitter reactions below.

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Fans want Grant Gustin as The Flash in the DC movies: