Ezra Miller Causing Major Problems With The Flash, Batman, Aquaman, Batgirl

Youtuber Grace Randolph says big changes to the DC movies including the release dates are a result of the actor's problematic behavior.

Youtuber Grace Randolph says big changes to the DC movies including the release dates are a result of the actor's problematic behavior.


Following the arrest of Ezra Miller, it’s claimed that due to the actor’s problematic behavior, massive changes happened with the DC movies, which include The Flash, Aquaman, Batgirl, and the Michael Keaton Batman.

Update: Ezra Miller as The Flash is on hold following WB emergency meeting.

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On Monday night, Ezra Miller was arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar in Hawaii; previous to that, the actor was posting bizarre posts on Instagram about killing the Ku Klux Klan, and back in early 2020, a video surfaced of Ezra Miller choking a woman, said to be a serious altercation while filming Fantastic Beasts 3 in Iceland.

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Ezra Miller is the real reason for DC release date changes

Now, Grace Randolph offers insights into what is going on, as the YouTuber claims that the problems surrounding Ezra Miller are the real reason for the major shift in DC movie release dates that happened earlier in the month, with the original plan to have The Flash released this November 4, ahead of the other DC films but now the movie is being released last on June 23, 2023. While reports have claimed the DC release date changes are due to the pandemic causing the delay of visual effects, Randolph says that is only partly true, as the real reason is because of Ezra Miller’s behavior, which has caused issues with the DC films regarding continuity, reshoots, and some scenes.

“I can’t explain everything because it’s a delicate sensitive situation and some of the things are personal for Ezra Miller, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about them, but I think there is some stuff to add here,” says Randolph on YouTube after tweeting earlier about the Ezra Miller arrest. “I had tweeted last night, because I was finally able to tell you this because the arrest kind of makes it fair game, that part of the reason The Flash was delayed for so long was because of some issues with Ezra Miller… So yes, definitely VFX played a hand in the delay of the DCEU movies… and they have a lot of effects and they weren’t going to be ready by the end of the year, but The Flash‘s delay, all the way to June 2023, and going in last place all of a sudden really puzzled a lot of us… We were all kind of like ‘that absolutely makes no sense.'”

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Batgirl a mess; Michael Keaton cut from Aquaman 2

Randolph continues and makes mention that The Flash needed to come out first before some of the other DC movies (particularly Batgirl) because of reintroducing Michael Keaton as Batman, but now that it’s last, it changes a lot of plans.

“I told you Shazam! needed to go first before Aquaman and The Flash, and it now is, but from a story perspective, Flash had to go before Aquaman and Batgirl, because of Michael Keaton, as The Flash is the movie that brings him over,” explains Randolph. “So he can’t show up in other DC properties until The Flash movie comes out. Now Warner Bros. has not revealed what they are going to do about Batgirl, that is just a mess. So we’ll have to see what they decided. That seems to have some kind of continuity change because Batman seems to have been around when Barbara was a child and J.K. Simmons is Commissioner Gordon, so we’ll see what they decide to do with Batgirl — because that would be like a seven or eight-month delay, which is pretty crazy.”

Regarding Michael Keaton in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Randolph says Keaton’s scene has been cut because of the Ezra Miller situation.

“The reason it’s a bummer for Aquaman is that Aquaman was supposed to have a scene where Michael Keaton showed up and talked to Aquaman as Bruce Wayne, which I would have loved to have seen,” Randolph reveals. “Maybe it will end up being an end-credit scene on The Flash but I hear that it is going to have to be taken out of Aquaman now because how would he come and see him if The Flash movie hasn’t come out, yet? So, that’s a bummer, and I am sure Warner Bros. didn’t want to do that because that connective tissue is what really helps these movies. So that sucks they are not going to have that cool Easter Egg… It’s just a shame.”

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Ezra Miller has always had problems

Randolph also says Ezra Miller has always had problems and that people are concerned for the actor’s well-being.

“So again, the VFX are certainly a factor, and I think The Flash would have been delayed but not as much as it’s being delayed because, what really is going on here, a large part of it is Ezra Miller’s personal issues. Now Ezra Miller has always had problems… behind the scenes, he is a difficult person,” says Randolph. “Now things have suddenly gotten serious for Ezra Miller… All I want to say is there are concerns for Ezra Miller’s mental health and safety. So I don’t feel comfortable, and people making jokes and stuff doesn’t vibe with what people in the industry know, and that is, Ezra Miller is having problems. I don’t want to give too much of a timetable away, but let’s just say before the announcement was made, Ezra Miller basically decided that he wanted to be left alone by everyone including Hollywood.”

Randolph also thinks Ezra Miller isn’t doing press for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore which gets released on April 15, but that is not a major concern because Miller is not the star of the film.

“So he is not doing Fantastic Beasts press I don’t believe, I mean never say never, and Warner Bros. really needs some time, I think for Ezra Miller to get to a good place and to be able to have him be a lead in a press tour for a major motion,” says Randolph.

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No reshoots for The Flash

The major delay in the release date of The Flash has seen rumors offer it’s because of massive reshoots, with other rumors stating the Ben Affleck Batman will be killed off, but according to Grace Randolph, that is not true and, again, the release date delay is because of the problems with Ezra Miller, but she does note Miller doesn’t want to participate in re-shooting small scenes.

“They are not reshooting the movie. Batfleck not being dead is probably a tease so you don’t turn on the movie,” explains Randolph. “They want to do a couple of pick-ups just to be perfectionists, but that can’t happen because Ezra Miller doesn’t want to participate. But the movie has no problems. The Flash is not in a bad situation. As a movie, The Flash is doing great. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. It’s very exciting, it ushers in a new age. I think the footage they’ve shown looks fantastic.”

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The Flash deals with mental illness

Similar to The Batman, Randolph also says The Flash movie will deal with issues of mental illness and that Miller is going through a lot.

“I hear, interestingly enough, it deals with mental illness and mental health,” she said. “So to some degree, I think maybe that would tie into what Ezra Miller is going through if he can get to a place where he can talk about it but the problem is with Warner Bros. having the uncertainty of what he is going to do, either to others or himself, and you can see that he was arrested, which is concerning for him and is not great news for the movie from a publicity standpoint. So I think that’s one of the reasons Warner Bros. moved the film so far back so that they would have space to deal with this in a good way,” continues Randolph. “Ezra Miller isn’t going through a tantrum, I think if you knew what he was going through, you would totally understand it, but again, I don’t think that is anybody but Ezra’s to share… Ezra Miller’s mental breakdown is not entertainment, and it shouldn’t be viewed that way.”

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