Justice League Movie 2015 Rumors: Everything We Are Told


Throughout the day we have been posting news about the new Justice League movie.

Now we are here to reveal all we have been told!

Previous articles include news on the Man of Steel spearheading the DC shared movie universe, the new Batman, and Ryan Reynolds reprising as Green Lantern — all of which you can read about below. Comic Book writer Mark Millar has also commented on the Justice League movie script which you can read about here.

Justice League, Superman, Henry Cavill, Batman, Green Lantern rumors:

Here we go:

• Our source tells us that the major developments are underway at DC Entertainment — and the Man of Steel will spearhead it all.

•  The Man of Steel will be chapter #1 of a shared universe, it will all bend around that film.

•  In chronological terms, the Man of Steel is the first.

•  Henry Cavill will be given a new contract after Man of Steel that would probably include a pay raise along with his new terms that feature the Justice League film and subsequent sequels.

• Lobo will be the second movie after Man of Steel, and is said to take place off Earth and won’t affect any of the other films.

The Flash and Wonder Woman (Nicolas Winding Refn is expected to be directing) scripts will be spin-offs from the Justice League film that should be released summer 2014/2015, and The Flash will be rewritten to fit around events that will transpire in Justice League.

• Ryan Reynolds will be expected to reprise his role as Green Lantern, and the events that transpired in his film – although they won’t be ignored in the Justice League movie – they won’t be acknowledged either. It will sort of hint to his backstory, and the character will be more serious than in the solo film (more like how he was towards the end of the film).

• The Green Lantern sequel has a treatment but the situation is unclear. It most likely will be brought to a stage where it is near getting the green light and will be held there until things become clearer where that franchise is headed.

• The rebooted Batman film (won’t be an origin story, but will focus on a Batman who is entering his second year as a hero) will be a part of the same universe.

• The details plot-wise for the Justice League movie are unknown, but a couple of comic book writers have penned the treatment that Will Beall will be scripting.

• Christopher Nolan won’t be directing the Justice League movie.

• There aren’t any directors set for the Justice League movie yet, although a shortlist has been drawn up (Matt Reeves, Jonathan Liebsman, David Yates are rumored within WB) by the execs.

• The budget for the Justice League movie will be around $270 million.

• DC is looking to release two films a year. So expect something like this:

– Man of Steel (2013) Zack Snyder; David Goyer & Christopher Nolan; HenryCavill

– Lobo (2014) Brad Peyton; TBA

– Justice League (2015) TBA;

– The Batman (2016)

– Wonder Woman (2016) TBA (Most Likely Nicolas Winding Refn); Michael Goldenburg

– The Flash (2017) TBA; Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim & Michael Green; TBA

Updated 6/7/12:

• The Justice League movie is David Yates’ to lose; he is the heavy favorite to become director of the movie.

• The look of the film will not be as colorful or as bright as Marvel’s The Avengers  — which looked like a comic book in real life.

• The Justice League movie will look like an epic blockbuster film in tone with The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, which is something Warner Bros. is keen on — to avoid similarities with The Avengers.

• Christopher Nolan is “godfathering” the project from a distance, meaning more or less Warner Bros. went to him and asked his opinions and how he would he do things.

• Christopher Nolan may well be credited as an Executive Producer on the film with wife Emma Thomas.

Updated 6/30/12:

• Director should be publically attached within the next three months along with producers.

• Executive Producers will most likely be Geoff Johns, Thomas Tull, Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas.

• Legendary Pictures will be co-producing the film with Warner Bros. Pictures.

The Flash and Wonder Woman movie debuts updated to 2015.

Updated 9/16/12:

Batman movie reboot to Feature Joker; Based on Arkham Asylum video game; more on Green Lantern

Justice League movie to feature seven original founding members, Cyborg, Green Arrow

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