Official Explanations For ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer #3; Some We Just Told You About

Official Explanations For 'Man of Steel' Trailer #3; Some We Just Told You About

With the recent new Man of Steel Trailer #3 being revealed, a lot of questions were left unanswered.

We attempted to answer them ourselves, with our DC Entertainment source weighing in as well, and now we get official explanations from Zack Snyder and company.

Note: Spoilers Follow

Our DC Entertainment source just told us regarding the Fortress of Solitude:

The Fortress has been on Earth much longer then Kal-El has. It was there before he arrived. 

EW has the following on The Fortress:

This object wedged into eons of arctic ice looks like an extra-terrestrial mothership, and that’s exactly what it is. Superman fans also know it by another name: The Fortress of Solitude.

Man of Steel changes up the formula a little. Instead of building his own Fortress, Clark Kent steps into the existing home market — and emerges, as we see below, as Superman. The residents of Krypton are an advanced race, keep in mind. Their knowledge and exploration of the cosmos far surpasses our own, and when Jor-El launches his son to Earth, our planet isn’t unknown to them.

Regaring Zod’s ship, our DC Entertainment Source said:

That tentacled monster is not a monster. It is simply the Black Zero Ship’s defences attacking Superman who is trying to disarm it from destroying Metropolis and the Earth.

EW has it as:

That’s only General Zod’s command ship — the Black Zero.

We learn about Lois Lane, with our DC Entertainment source previously telling us:

She is on an endless quest to find this mystery hero (Clark) that pops up everywhere.

EW has it as:

Lois Lane has been trying to report on the miracle man reported to be wandering the country, laying low until he springs forward to save the day in the middle of some deadly crisis. 

EW also has some more explanations about the Man of Steel trailer #3 as well:

More on Black Zero:

Michael Shannon’s version of the villain is dispatched aboard this prison ship. Here they are seen shackled and awaiting exile. Not too happy, vowing revenge.

We don’t see their escape, but can safely assume that’s where things are headed.

“It was prison ship that he retrofits,and  that’s what he comes to Earth in,” says producer Deborah Snyder.

On what fans have compared the Giger-esque look of various things in the trailer as well as the ship (which we noted was in Geoff Johns Action Comics run):

If it looks somewhat organic rather than high-tech, that was intentional. Production designer Alex McDowell (Fight ClubWatchmen) crafted what she called a kind of “geo-tech” to show they were both scientifically advanced, but also visibly different than the styles on Earth. Less glossy.

“We wanted to do something fresh but also felt that it should look like an ancient society,” Deborah Snyder said.

It’s confirmed that there is a Kryptonian Civil War:

The trailer opens with a scene of Kryptonian civil war, with Russell Crowe’s noble Jor-El surveying the exploding battleships with great fear.

The dragonfly creature is just that – some sort of Kryptonian creature – but also more than that as it belongs to Jor-El:

In a flash, we then see a figure riding off into the distance aboard what looks like a huge, multi-winged insect.

That’s Superman’s dad’s ride.

We get details on Krypton:

This film’s Krypton is a subterranean world. The surface is somewhat barren and lifeless, like a rocky moon, while the civilization exists on the interior of the planet.

And Jor-El uses the winged creature to fly around:

“It has insect wings, but has kind of a rodent-ish face,” she says. “At first he was a little mean, but we made him look more sympathetic.”

Jor-El will battle Zod:

.. expect to see a serious showdown between Zod and Jor-El early in the film.

We learn that, indeed, Superman has turned himself in:

…his detention is voluntary.

We get details about the scene in Smallville featuring Zod, Faora, Superman and the military:

While they’re slamming each other with parked cars and tossing each other through store walls, the military comes in to try to play referee by spraying machine gun fire everywhere.

It’s only after this fight that Superman decides he needs to identify himself as someone who is fighting on the side of Earth, not against it. So he floats down willingly before their tanks, and goes with the authorities willingly.

Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.

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