Exclusive: Tyler Hoechlin Up For New Batman; Screen Test With Henry Cavill; Plot For New Superman/Bats Movie



Last Saturday at Comic-Con following the Warner Bros. panel, attendees were graced with a surprise visit by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and Harry Lennix announcing the next Superman movie. 

Lennix read text from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, and then a Superman/Batman logo was revealed to a stunned audience.

The audience quickly erupted with cheers of enthusiasm as Snyder revealed that the new Batman will be a part of the sequel to Man of Steel.

Our DC Entertainment source who provided us with first draft script details for Man of Steel, which included mention of LexCorps in the Metropolis skyline as well as the bus scene with Lana Lang witnessing a young Clark Kent using his super powers, has sent over some information on the upcoming as-of-yet untitled Superman/Batman movie.

Our DC Entertainment source also previously provided us with information on the Batman reboot, which was said to be in part based on the popular Batman Arkham video game franchise. That now looks to be adapted into the recently announced Batman: Arkham Assault animated movie slated for 2014.

We’re told Warner Bros. didn’t go forward with the Arkham adaptation because they want to get both Batman and Superman out into the cinema quickly. Also, that Snyder and Goyer plot-wise initially didn’t have Batman vs. Superman, but since WB wanted to move things along they essentially are combining two films in one, with the movie having been in pre-production for a couple months (merchandising underway as well etc.). We’re told, “Snyder is really loving building the DC Cinematic Universe.”

Regarding the new Batman, Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf, Lincoln Heights, 7th Heaven, Road To Perdition) is being heavily considered for the part and will be getting a screen test alongside Henry Cavill. Warner Bros. and Snyder are looking at somebody to play the new Batman with a reputation similar to Cavill’s, when Cavill was testing for Superman. It’s also said that better known actors could also be testing for the role. As filming is expected to begin in early 2014, screen tests should be happening soon. 

Cosmic Book News is also told that the Superman/Batman movie will features villains (in the plural), with it currently thought that the Joker and Lex Luthor team up; however, the source said the villains are only known by a select few, but Luthor is all but guaranteed.

Regarding the plot of the film:

“The sequel is set a year after Man of Steel, and the world is still getting used to having this powerful god on the planet who isn’t fully trusted by everybody. Batman certainly doesn’t trust Superman. Superman doesn’t trust Batman; either of which causes the two to clash when they initially meet. They do however pair up to defeat the villains (not 100% confirmed who the villains are). COULD be Luthor and Joker, but only a select few really know that. Luthor is definitely in the sequel and he doesn’t like Superman, believing him a threat to the planet.”

Previous to Comic-Con there was also rumor of a Justice League movie and a film for The Flash; however, Snyder only announced Superman/Batman.

We’ve been told there is a lot in the works being built up to Justice League, which will take place after Superman/Batman with The Flash possibly spinning out of that (the previous rumor said Flash before JL). Also, expect a lot of Easter Eggs to the Justice League members in Superman/Batman with characters like Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern getting referenced.

Our DC Entertainment Source also says it looks as if the Justice League movie will feature the DC Comics New 52 characters, which could mean no Martian Manhunter, but Cyborg.