Exclusive: Snyder, Goyer, Nolan Could Be Behind Justice League 2016 Movie; Man of Steel 2 and Batman Reboot Updates



Our DC Entertainement source has provided us with some updates about the Justice League movie, a Man of Steel sequel and the Batman reboot.

• Zack Snyder COULD be Directing/Producing a David Goyer written Justice League movie for a July 2016 release.

• Warner Bros. has asked David Goyer for his take and story on the Justice League movie, and if he believes he can come up with something to rival Marvel’s The Avengers then the gig is his to take.

• The preferred directing choice for the Justice League movie is Zack Snyder.

• Christopher Nolan producing/writing is unlikely; however, there is hope that he might be persuaded to overview the project in a similar capacity to Man of Steel.

• Will Beall’s script appears to be locked away in Warner Bros. script warehouse like the Lost Ark in Indiana Jones

• A Man of Steel sequel is expected for the following summer with a Batman reboot spinning off the Justice League movie. They will be taking pitches on that, which execs are adamant about being an Arkham Aslyum story loosely based on the video game of the same name.


• They are also open to other pitches from other writers as well as Goyer, but with his relationship with WB/Legendary and his track record with The Dark Knight Trilogy/Man of Steel, he is obviously their no. 1 at the minute.

• To clarify, that would be Man of Steel 2/Batman Reboot coming out in 2017.

Our source was the first to mention that the Justice League movie may have a 2016 release, and also previously said that Zack Snyder has been offered a lucrative deal.

The source also told us previously that the Batman Reboot was being looked at to be based on the Arkham video games with possibly Darren Aronofsky attached to the franchise.

There was a previous rumor about Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale being attached to the Justice League movie with our source saying no to Bale, and that our source wasn’t aware of Nolan’s involvement.

Our source also previously said that David Goyer was re-writing the Superman scenes in the Will Beall Justice League movie script as it didn’t include the Henry Cavill version.

The updates seem to corroborate in part some of the early rumors.

Our source also has a Lucasfilm friend who provided details about Star Wars Episode VII featuring a disciple of Palpatine and a possible Darth Maul Luke Skywalker spin-off.