The Batman 2: Clayface Rumored Again With March 2024 Filming Date

Director Matt Reeves bringing his realist approach to the character?

Director Matt Reeves bringing his realist approach to the character?

The Batman 2: Clayface Rumored Again With March 2024 Filming Date

It’s rumored that The Batman 2 will start filming in March 2024 and again that Clayface is involved in the sequel from director Matt Reeves.

Originally, Batman producer Michal Uslan revealed Part Two was going to start filming in November, but with the strike here and speculated to last until the end of the year, it’s now being said production will start in March.

The rumor comes from the MyTimeToShineHello Twitter account who says, “The Batman Part 2 to film in March 2024. Clayface to be involved.”


What are the Clayface rumors?

Regarding Clayface, this isn’t the first time the character’s name has surfaced in regards to the ReevesVerse, as Clayface has also previously been rumored for the Colin Farrell Penguin series as well as The Batman 2.

Penguin rumors

According to the rumor for Penguin, to go with Matt Reeves’ grounded and realistic approach, the Clayface used in the Penguin series will not be the blob-like shapeshifting version, but the Golden Age Clayface, a B-list actor who began a life of crime using the identity of a villain that he had portrayed in a horror film.

Clayface big addition to The Batman: Part Two

However, since that rumor, it has been reported Clayface is a big addition to Reeves’ The Batman 2, so now it is speculated that Clayface is off the table for Penguin.

It’s also known Mike Flanagan, a director known for The Midnight Club and Midnight Mass TV series, The Shining sequel Doctor SleepThe Haunting Of Hill HouseGerald’s Game, Ouija: Origin of EvilOculus, pitched James Gunn a Clayface horror movie.

However, following the news hitting the net, Flanagan tweeted, “The news today is entirely speculative. When or if something like that ever becomes real, I promise I’ll tell you guys.”

The Batman was released back in March of 2022 and brought in over $770.9 million worldwide. Robert Pattinson is returning as the Dark Knight.

Per the official announcement, “the highly-anticipated sequel The Batman – Part II is slated for release on October 3, 2025.”

Matt Reeves The Batman set with Robert Pattinson

Matt Reeves loves DC

I’ve also been recently told that Matt Reeves was up to take over DC years ago but Christopher Nolan made the call and WB went with Zack Snyder, so now we see Reeves gets to do his version of DC.

Years ago I was also told that The Batman was in development featuring a Batman in his second year of being a hero, which is exactly what Reeves did with his movie. I was also told they wanted to use a pretty boy-type horror actor back then as well.

So it’s my guess now that Matt Reeves might have been directing The Batman movie way back then the plan was to release it along with Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel 2, with Tyler Hoechlin as the Batman instead of Ben Affleck if the first Man of Steel made a billion at the box office to fit with the Nolan Dark Knight movies who executive produced Snyder’s films.

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