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Netflix: Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ Trending

The 2011 Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds is currently trending on Netflix as the DC movie recently became available as of September 1 to watch on the streaming service. My queue shows Green Lantern as trending at #6 in the U.S. Let’s take a look at what happened with the movie below. Green Lantern

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Ryan Reynolds Still Wants Hugh Jackman Back As Wolverine

Hugh Jackman reveals that Ryan Reynolds still wants him back as Wolverine, and worth a mention is that when Deadpool 3 was at Fox, it featured Logan. With the Multiverse coming to the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2, Jake Hamilton talks with Hugh Jackman about his new movie Reminiscence and

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Deadpool Joins The MCU To Promote ‘Free Guy’

Sorta goofy, sorta cheesy, Deadpool is now officially a part of the MCU, as Ryan Reynolds and Disney use the character to promote the release of Free Guy, which also stars Taika Waititi, who appears in the following promo as the voice of Korg from the Thor movies. Watch below. “DP is officially in the

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Ryan Reynolds Confirms No Green Lantern Cameo In ‘Justice League’

Ryan Reynolds confirms he is not appearing as Green Lantern in the Zack Snyder Justice League movie. In an interview with Zack Snyder, Vanity Fair reported the following, which got fans talking:  He has reshot the ending with a hero cameo that will blow hard-core fans’ minds.  Voice actor Jon Bailey then tweeted it’s Ryan

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Ryan Reynolds Celebrates ‘Deadpool’ 5-Year Anniversary

Ryan Reynolds celebrates the five-year release of the first Deadpool movie in the only way he could, which is by having fun and making light of the Merc With A Mouth. Reynolds took to social media to post the following “fan letter” from “2016” that he “unearthed” which also includes a “response” from the actor

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Deadpool 3 Had Hugh Jackman Wolverine Confirms Ryan Reynolds

It all makes sense now as if Deadpool 3 was going to remain at Fox it would have featured Wolverine, most likely played by Hugh Jackman. Reynolds confirmed Deadpool 3 with Wolverine in a tweet promoting a mental health charity. “It’s critical to have open, honest and healthy discussions around mental health,” tweeted Reynolds Thursday.

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‘Deadpool’ 3 Rated R In The MCU Confirms Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige confirms that Deadpool 3 will be rated R and a part of the MCU. Speaking with Collider, Feige offers an update about the movie and confirms it’s also years away: “It will be rated R and we are working on a script right now, and Ryan’s overseeing a script right now… It will not

Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Thinks Fox and Disney Is A Done Deal
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Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds Thinks Fox and Disney Is A Done Deal

The X-Men look to be assembling in the MCU as it’s recently been reported an announcement could be coming next week about Disney purchasing Fox Studios. The deal would see the Fox Studio-owned Marvel characters – Deadpool, Wolverine, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer and Galactus (and more) – at Disney, which owns Marvel Studios. Now Ryan