Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Swift Attend Sunday Night Football

Celebrities show up at the Kansas City Chiefs vs NY Jets NFL game.

Celebrities show up at the Kansas City Chiefs vs NY Jets NFL game.

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Swift Attend Sunday Night Football

Sunday Night Football was packed with the stars as in attendance included Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Shawn Levy, and of course, none other than Taylor Swift.

Social media was buzzing last night as the celebrities attended the Kansas City Chiefs vs NY Jets football game, where the Chiefs came out on top in a close game, 23-20.

Taylor Swift is of course dating Chiefs player Travis Kelce, with the joke going around that once Kelce dumps her, she’ll sing a song about him titled, “I no longer have a Tight End” (credit Bills Mafia for the joke – go Bills!).

Regarding why Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Shawn Levy were in attendance, the trio are waiting to restart filming on Marvel’s Deadpool 3, which paused due to the recent strikes. The writer strike is now over with the actor strike thought to be ending soon. Levy recently said they are halfway through filming.

Interestingly enough, Taylor Swift happens to be rumored for Deadpool 3 as the dancing and singing disco mutant, Dazzler. Maybe there is something to the rumors as all the celebrities sat in the same suite at the game. Or they could all just be friends.

Update: Levy is friends with Taylor Swift. He worked with Swift on her All Too Well music video short film that he appeared in along with Sadie Sink, who stars in the Levy-produced Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Taylor Swift is also coming to movie theaters with her Eras Tour which is crushing it in terms of ticket sales and breaking all kinds of records. There are even plans for a big Los Angeles premiere.

Director Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman posted the following selfies with Reynolds, Blake Lively (Reynolds’ wife) and Taylor Swift on Instagram Story:

hugh jackman ryan reynolds shawn levy sunday night football
hugh jackman ryan reynolds taylor swift nfl

NFL Sunday Night Football

The NFL is taking full advantage of the celebrity status and fame of Taylor Swift attending the game as last night saw The Voice host Carson Daly make a taped appearance explaining football to the Swifties.

“We all know this is not just any Sunday Night Football game,” Daly said. “We got a call from our friends at NBC Sports asking us to put tonight’s story in language that the legions of Swifties would understand.”

Travis Kelce has also gained nearly 1 million Instagram followers after his romance with Taylor Swift gained steam with the Swifties.

The NFL also confirmed viewership is up.

The NFL’s SVP of Social, Influencer & Content Marketing, Ian Trombetta, told CBS News that Swift’s impact on the NFL viewership has “definitely” created a “stir.”

“Another thing that’s been a little surprising is that it really hasn’t slowed down. It’s continued to build in this momentum of conversation,” Trombetta said. “It’s been honestly unlike anything we’ve seen from a regular season perspective in the sense that we have celebrities and influencers and big creators that are at games every single week. And while it drives interest and discussion online, this was something we’ve never seen before.”

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