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‘Shang-Chi’ Gets Disney Plus Day November Release

Disney has announced that the streaming premiere of Marvel’s Shang-Chi will debut on Disney Plus Day, November 12, along with additional premiers and content. To be clear, Shang-Chi is still slated to be released mid-October but that is for the paid video-on-demand version of the movie, while on the November 12th Disney Plus Day release

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‘Black Widow’ Now Marvel’s Worst Performing Movie

Black Widow is now Marvel’s worst-performing movie as with the fourth-weekend release, the flick is trailing behind the 2015 Ant-Man movie. Black Widow had the lowest fourth weekend for a Disney-released Marvel title ever at $6.4 million, while Ant-Man‘s fourth week was at almost $8 million. Ant-Man finished with a $519 million worldwide gross; Black Widow currently sits

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Emma Stone, Emily Blunt Could Sue Disney Next

Joining Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone and Emily Blunt could sue Disney next over breach of contract regarding their movies getting released on Disney Plus. Scarlett Johansson recently filed a lawsuit against Disney regarding Black Widow getting released in theaters and on Disney Plus at the same time where Johansson said she was promised an exclusive

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