New Look At Marvel Legends Quasar Figure


We get a new look at the upcoming Marvel Legends 3.75-inch Wendell Vaughn Quasar action figure from Toy Fair.

Fly Guy posted the following images, which also features the rest of the set: Rogue, Hyro-Man and Morbius The Living Vampire.

The new Marvel Legends 3.75-inch wave featuring Quasar is said to arrive this August.






Darkhawk & Nova Corps Get Disney Infinity Marvel Discs


Marvel Cosmic seems to be on the up and up – at least when it comes to gaming – as now the Nova Corps and Darkhawk get Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Discs.

Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann, who edited the DnA Marvel Cosmic line of comics which included Darkhawk, tweeted out the news.

The Power Discs are used with the Play Set base to unlock items and customization.

DisKingdom spotted the following info and images at Walmart.

Expand your Disney Infinity adventures! Place Power Discs on the Disney Infinity Base to power-up character abilities, customize your Toy Box, or unlock new gadgets, costumes and team attacks.Includes 4 Power Discs:

Cosmic Cube Blast – Unleash a powerful energy blast on nearby foes.

• Darkhawk’s Blast – Blast obstacles with a powerful energy beam from your chest.

Nova Corps Strike – Call upon the Nova Corps and unleash a tactical strike from above.

Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle – Take a ride on the wild side with Ghost Rider’s flaming motorcycle.





As fans of DnA Marvel Cosmic know, Darkhawk was featured prominently with his own mini-series during War of Kings which introduced Talon and the Raptors.

In an interview with Marvel.com, Rosemann also said he hopes to see more from Darkhawk as well as Richard Rider Nova and again mentions Quasar.

Marvel.com: Very cool. If you could add one classic costume to the game that doesn’t exist now, what would you add?

Bill Rosemann: I have to go with my man, Rich Rider Nova!

Marvel.com: Oh, there it is! 

Bill Rosemann: And in publishing, with all the great cosmic books they have going, it would be awesome to see Darkhawk rise again.

Marvel.com: Oh, you are always all about that Darkhawk. 

Bill Rosemann: I love his look, how he scratches that itch of “young Earth person in space”, a great point-of-view character, and visually a nice counter balance to all the bright cosmic characters. 

Marvel.com: So we need a Rich Rider Nova and Darkhawk in “Marvel Future Fight.”

Bill Rosemann: It’s time to for them to fly again! 

Marvel.com: There you go! What more could you want? 

Bill Rosemann: Well, you might want additional characters from the comic books, and by golly they’re in there! 

Marvel.com: That’s true, we’ve been rolling out a deep list on Marvel.com…

Bill Rosemann: Yes! Firebird and Ares and Quasar…and I hope this delivers on the promise that we made to the Quasar fan club years ago when they sent a 10 pound cake to the offices asking for the return of Quasar. 

Quasar is also featured in the LEGO Marvel Avengers video game and has his first Hasbro action figure coming out this Summer.


James Gunn Teases Quasar For Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Probably Not


Hasbro recently announced a Quasar Hasbro Marvel Legends action figure!

Quasar was recently announced by Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Comics Editor Bill Rosemann to be a part of the Lego Marvel Avengers video game (now available!)!

And now James Gunn may have teased Quasar for Guardians of the Galaxy 2?!

Coincidence?! Wishful thinking?!

Yeah, probably.

Gunn posted something rather odd on his Facebook page when remarking he participated in a table read of the script with the cast. Gunn said “someone spelled out star’s name wrong so I had to correct it for him.” Gunn then posted an image of the “corrected” spelling of Chris Pratt’s name: “QRIS PRAT.”

I’ve already read more than a few comments online by fans suggesting it’s a reference to Quasar, Marvel’s Protector of the Universe and weilder of the Quantum-Bands. Obviously the use of the “Q” may suggest Quasar, as well as maybe the “star” mention, as Quasar has a star symbol on his chest (and the inside of his cape is a star field). However, it seems like a stretch as Gunn has previously said he is only using Star-Lord as the only human (and hence why no Richard Rider Nova).

We can suggest another possibility, as there was a second Quasar who was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book, but we highly doubt Gunn would go there and face the wrath of the rabid Quasar fans. Right, James?!

The good news is that Quasar actually might already be a part of the MCU as his father may have been mentioned in episodes of Agents Of SHIELD; however, we would much rather see Quasar on the big screen. We’re definitely not giving up hope especially considering what Disney CEO Bob Iger said about there being thousands of Marvel characters, and that they are never going to stop making Marvel movies (sounds like Quasar’s odds just went up)!

Check out Gunn’s post:


Table read for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was this morning. Oh my gosh, it was the most fun I’ve ever had watching a…

Posted by James Gunn on Tuesday, January 26, 2016






Quasar Comes To Lego Marvel Avengers


First a new action figure, and now Wendell Vaughn Quasar is coming to Lego Marvel Avengers!

Marvel Comics editor Bill Rosemann made the announcement on Twitter and shared the following images.

I’m happy to state I was one of the Quasar fans that sent Marvel and Bill the Quasar cake (and hence how Cosmic Book News got its start)!

Bill Rosemann was also the editor behind Abnett and Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova, which inspired the James Gunn movie.

“LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” launches on January 26, 2016 for Xbox One®, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PC.


Finally! We Get A Marvel Legends Quasar Action Figure!


I’ll say it! It’s about dang time!

We finally are getting a Wendell Vaughn Quasar Marvel Legends action figure!

Hasbro revealed the following image featuring Quasar in his Realm Of Kings/Annihilators costume (post-Annihilation) along with figures for Hydro Man, Rogue and Morbius The Living Vampire.

The figures are a part of the 3.75 inch line.

According to Hasbro Pulse, the figures will arrive August 2016.

If any Hasbro designers read this, do me a favor and fix Quasar’s hair! Still, I’m happy and it looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to take to the skies with good ol’ Quasar and Richard Rider Nova!

You can order Realm of Kings through Amazon.






Annihilation: Nova #3 Early Quasar Cover Sketches

I recently picked up the Annihilation Omnibus where I discovered some Quasar art by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

Below are two sketches by the Italian artist for the Annihilation: Nova #3 cover.

We see in the first image, Quasar is actually blasting someone, followed by a sketch that resembles the final version.

This is one of my favorite all-time covers and Quasar renditions.

Maybe if Wendell Vaughn appears in ABC’s Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel Comics will give the character another chance. The series did feature a Quasar Easter Egg or two.

I’m current re-reading Annihilation through the Omnibus, and I believe next year marks the ten year anniversary, with Drax having kicked off in 2005.

Of course, Annihilation led to Nova as well as DnA’s Guardians of the Galaxy and the multi-million dollar movie.

You can pick up the Annihilation Omnibus at a discount on Amazon, which contains even more art.





Richard Rider Nova Guardians of the Galaxy Post-Credit Scene? Exclusive Details


It’s being speculated that Richard Rider Nova might be featured in the post-credit scene for Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Nova Corps are featured in the movie in addition to Rhomann Dey (who in the comics gives Nova his powers).

Another contender could be Rider’s replacement, Sam Alexander, who Rider fans dub “NINO” – Nova In Name Only.

Marvel Comics cancelled the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy comic book when they heard a movie was getting made, even though both James Gunn and Kevin Feige credit the writers, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (DnA), as the inspiration for the movie.

Abnett and Lanning also penned Nova at the time, which featured Richard Rider, and that was cancelled, too.

Yeah, we are thinking the same thing – Marvel Comics must be a nice place to work for when it fires its writers who inspire billion dollar movies (they are also cancelling the Fantastic Four comics).

Anyway, our Guardians of the Galaxy “mysterious” source has filled us in on a few Nova details from the movie.

Spoilers follow.

The source previously told us the Stan Lee cameo, a Star-Lord/Ronan/Thanos scene, as well as news about the reshoots.

Regarding Richard Rider, we are told he’s not in the movie. We’re also told that there is no Quasar, Beta Ray Bill or Silver Surfer (it was said at one time Marvel was trying to get Surfer and Galactus back from Fox).

We’re also told that Xandar doesn’t get blown up. We have to give James Gunn credit for not going the easy route and destroying Xandar, as it’s a commonly used plot device in the comics. We’re told either Ronan or Thanos make an attempt, but it doesn’t happen. We’re guessing Ronan because he has some kind of religious complex and is said to be on a holy war against the Xandarians.

It’s possible Nova (hopefully Richard Rider) could be featured in the post-credit scene. I’m waiting for info in regards to that.

Latino Review says they know the Guardians of the Galaxy post-credit scene(who confirmed our Stan Lee cameo exclusive for us). Is it Nova?:

If Marvel Studios does decide to go with Nova, we have faith they will use Richard Rider based on what Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada said about the comics relating to the movies:

 “Really, you have to start with the loyalists,” Quesada said. “If the loyalists reject it, then we feel that everyone is going to reject it.”

Update: A strong possibility could be Adam Warlock as well.

Update #2: A second tweet was posted stating it’s Richard Rider:

“Guardians of the Galaxy” has an August 1, 2014 release.


Todd McFarlane’s Quasar #14 Original Cover & Thoughts


One of my all-time favorite Quasar covers is Todd McFarlane’s #14 which depicts Wendell in cosmic action.

I remember getting this, and at the time, I didn’t even know who Todd McFarlane was or his work on Spider-Man or Hulk.

Great cover.

Todd took to his Facebook page stating that he found the original art work, and he also gives his thoughts behind it.

Check it out!


I was cleaning up my office today after getting home from playing baseball, not softball, baseball (had a single, triple and four runs scored). As I was going through some of the boxes I ran across some old original artwork from my days of drawing for Marvel Comics. I will be showing some of those pieces in the coming weeks as well as walking you through some of the process of why that particular page/cover came to be. I’ll be showing some Spider-Man artwork, The Incredible Hulk pages and some various other images I came across.

I will even show you some of the rejection letters I received while I was in college trying to break into the comic book industry. 

The artwork you see below was from a comic titled Quasar. He was a relatively unknown character, whose book was selling below average compared to some of the mainstay character’s titles. In an effort to help prop up sales for this book, the editor at the time was asking around to see if anyone wanted to help pitch in a cover. The idea was that maybe if a string of artists would do some of the covers that would help spark things on the sales end. Since I had a good relationship with the editor (a gentleman named Mark Gruenwald), I said “Sure, why not!” This piece was done in the middle of my run on The Amazing Spider-Man comic so I asked if I could just make some high octane looking cover. To which Mr. Gruenwald said “Have as much fun on it as you want.”

So here was my thinking…

The book and character were very average, I thought. when I looked at the book, there didn’t seem to be a lot of BIG action or ENERGY on the pages. In fact, I remember noticing that there were a bunch of small panels on every page and it limited the idea of a guy out in the infinite area called space. I mean if you’re going to be out in space why not open it up a little (ask George Lucas how that little story of Star Wars worked out). So the concept I wanted to tackle was this Quasar dude flying through the cosmos at a million miles an hour, like a meteor, with his power amulets crackling with Jack Kirby like energy effects, with space and planets way off in the distance. Though in the final coloring of the piece they made space purple not black. An odd choice I thought.

The last piece was to add the face in the bottom right of the page, which was the villain of that issue. I had basically drawn this cover to be as cool as possible , then figured out how to add the continuity of the book in later. Not the best approach, but in this case it worked out well. When I handed the cover in the editor called me and said he was actually surprised that someone could make this character this exciting. A few covers later with other artists on them help show people that no matter who the character is you can always find a way to make them exciting (ask Frank Miller about the villain Bullseye from Daredevil.

The other images are just close ups of the art so that you can see some of the detail of the page. At my end, I was always proud of this piece because it forced me have to think about how I could add something to a character I knew little about, and I only had one shot/picture to let it all out.

Enjoy. TODD

P.S.- To answer the question to my previous post: YES! Stan Lee is a super hero with REAL super powers. Here’s how I know…usually I work really hard to do a post here that is seen by over 100,000 people. But my last post barely passed that mark when Stan, himself decided to share it with his followers. And BOOM! in the matter of an hour my post jumped up to 250,000 views and is now at just over 400,000. And all because Stan told folks to take a look. I am going to call that super mutation skill the PIED PIPER POWER. Thanks, Stan




Wendell Vaughn Quasar Easter Eggs Found In Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.


For fans of the Cosmic Avenger, Quasar, they will note the character first was an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Long story short, Wendell Vaughn donned the quantum-bands following an attack by AIM in which his scientist father was in part studying them.

If you have been following the new ABC series Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. or any of the Marvel Studios movies you may have been keeping an eye out for S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Wendell Vaughn.

While no S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent is mentioned, a “Professor Vaughn” is stated by Fitz and Simmons in a couple episodes.

The final scene of the episode, “0-8-4,” sees them say, “Take that, Professor Vaughn!”

Likewise, in episode “Seeds” we get both a reference to Professor Vaughn as well as A.I.M.

The showunners of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. were actually asked about the potential use of Wendell Vaughn, but kept mum on the subject.

Via CBR:

Then we’ve got George D., a major Quasar fan who asks: “With the mention of a ‘Professor Vaughn’ several times by Fitz-Simmons is there any plans to work in the character of Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar into the series as a guest or recurring character?”

TancharoenAgain, we can’t comment.



Quasar & She-Hulk Named As Potentials For Marvel Studios & Disney Investors


With Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. debuting September 24th it seems as if the sky is the limit in regards to the character and stories that can be featured.

Many times we here at Cosmic Book News have noted that Wendell Vaughn would fit right in as he is known as the Cosmic Avenger, Quasar, who first got his start as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now we aren’t the only ones who have taken notice of Quasar as the multimedia financial-services company and website, The Motley Fool, has listed Quasar as well as She-Hulk as holding potential down the road in a report aimed at investors.

The basis of the report is that Disney’s stock is rather stagnant right now, but the premiere of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. could be a huge launch pad for things to come as it ties into the Movie universe and can be used to introduce new characters and stories that eventually make their way into other products and more. They event compare it to what Apple has done with its own franchises.

They put together the following slideshow about “why Disney is expanding the Marvel Universe,” “three things to watch for this Fall,” potential characters (Falcon, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Quasar), and “the importance of franchise building.”

Obviously this isn’t an official presentation, but it’s worth a note that She-Hulk and Quasar, a pair of B-List Avengers, have been noticed by a financial investing company.




Classic Quasar Featured On Avengers #19 50th Anniversary Cover

Make that two 50th anniversary covers for the Protector of the Universe, Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar.

The first sees Quasar on a variant for Avengers #18.

The second has Quasar on one of the five John Cassaday variants to Avengers #19.

Seems Marvel didn’t forget Quasar for these covers, but where is the POTU for the Infinity event (seeing how he is the avatar of Infinity)?!







Kevin Feige Is Aware of Marvel Cosmic Rabid Fans; Movie Plans Through 2021


With Kevin Feige being a Cosmic fan himself, it should really come to no surprise that the Marvel Studios president and producer is aware of the rabid fan base from the comic books.

Fiege spoke with Wired magazine about the Marvel Studios movies with mention of Guardians of the Galaxy.

“It has a small, rabid fan base,” Feige told Wired, with the magazine going on with some nonsense that the producer is overestimating the size and description.

Well, “Wired,” Cosmic Book News can tell you – he’s not.

The Marvel Cosmic comic books do have a relatively small-sized fan base compared to The Avengers and X-Men; however, they get no where near the same attention from the Editors or public relations department. Well, that was until they cancelled the previous line to make way for their big guns, which the rabid fan base hasn’t been getting behind as the new issues of Nova sell less than the Abentt and Lanning run, and new issues of Guardians of the Galaxy literally have dozens and dozens of variants – and movie tie-ins – to keep them atop the monthly sales charts.


I believe it was Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann who coined the term “rabid Cosmic fans,” as Rosemann was behind the 2007 and 2008 Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy series as well as the Marvel Cosmic events, Annihilation: Conquest, War of Kings, and the best-selling The Thanos Imperative. Preceding Rosemann saw Editor Andy Schmidt kill off the Cosmic Avenger Quasar Wendell Vaughn during Annihilation, with the “small, rabid fan base” erupting in reponse. Petitions soon followed, Marvel offices were sent a cake, letter campaigns and websites began. Rosemann and Marvel seemed to respond favorably to the rabid fans as Wendell Vaughn returned as Quasar. Perhaps something the Richard Rider Nova fans should pay heed to?

All hope may not all be lost, though, as Feige has green lit a Guardians of the Galaxy movie directed by James Gunn for an August 1, 2014 release. And similar to Feige, Joss Whedon is a Marvel Cosmic fan, and actually so is Clark Gregg who plays Agent Coulson; both happen to be Jim Starlin Adam Warlock fans. An added bonus was seen during The Avengers movie with the aliens The Chitauri and the surprise guest-villain, Thanos, who will go on to have a larger role in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and upcoming Marvel Studios films.

Feige has also green lit a Doctor Strange movie, rumors of an Inhumans movie are in the works – fans would love an Adam Warlock movie – and the producer also told Wired they have plans until 2021.

“I could arguably say what we’re planning for the year 2021,” Feige also told Wired. “Will that happen? I don’t know. But what we planned for 2015 in 2006 is happening.”

Those future plans could spell good news for rabid Marvel Cosmic fans who happen to be salivating at the mouth for more universal and galactic battles and stories on the big screen. 

“Five years ago, looking at our plan, we knew that if Avengers was going to work, the movies had to stand alone,” Feige said. “Now we have to prove to the studio that we’re more than just these five characters, these five franchises.”



Third Writer On NINO Nova Announced; Will Still Be A Screw Up; No Nova Corps; Please Don’t Use Quasar


I gave the series 12 issues when I learned that Marvel was going in the complete opposite direction of the previous Nova run by DnA, which sold better.

Now we learn there will be a third writer within the first ten issues of the series.

Jeph Loeb was announced to be leaving the title with only the second issue published; ditto for Ed McGuinness.

Then Zeb Wells was announced as the new series writer, only to come out and state he is doing five issues.

Now with Nova #10, Marvel announces Deadpool writer Gary Duggan on the book.

In an interview with Marvel.com, Duggan says he will be continuing with the themes that both Loeb and Wells began, and that NINO (as the fans call him “Nova In Name Only) will still be a 15-year-old screw up.

“I’ll be continuing some of those themes that [Jeph] Loeb and Zeb began,” Duggan said. “If he were a Dungeons & Dragons character, his wisdom would be quite low. It’s not that he’s unintelligent; it’s just that 15 year old kids screw up.”

Duggan also won’t be bringing back the Nova Corps, which Loeb stated from day one.

“We won’t be rebooting the Nova Corps, but Sam will be learning about the Corps through old Nova helmets that he’ll be recovering,” Duggan said.

It’s also said Duggan will be doing the 100th issue of Nova, but no mention is made of Richard Rider.

As Marvel has given the Loeb series more attention that its predecessor with A-List talent attached, the first Infinite comic by Mark Waid, appearances in the major Marvel events and a Disney cartoon attached to boot – it’s a wonder that Marvel continues with the series seeing how low it actually is selling and the amount of dollars invested.

However, lately – for some reason – Marvel seems to be keeping low selling titles around, such as Captain Ms. Marvel, which is under 20K; somthing unheard of in previous years. It looks as if NINO Nova may be going a similar route.

Duggan also mentioned in the interview that he would love for Sam to bump into Quasar. As a long time Wendell Vaughn fan, I hope not.

And as Joe Quesada always said, I’ll be voting with my wallet and not buying it, just as I continue to do.

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Quasar Returns In Avengers Infinity #18!

The Cosmic Avenger is back with his fellow Assemblers!

At least on the variant cover to Avengers #18, an official Infinity tie-in.

Marvel released preview pages where we see Quasar on the Daniel Acuna cover.

As the event is cosmic and dubbed “Infinity,” it makes sense for the Protector of the Universe to appear.

Previously Tom Brevoort remarked that there had been talk about using Quasar.

Jonathan Hickman, don’t fail us now (gulp)!

Issue hits August 21st.

Update: Cover is a 50th Anniversary variant, which may mean it’s just for the anniversary. Attempting to find out more.


Dredd 2 Official Petition Underway


If you happen to be a Cosmic Book News original, you know that I got my start by petitioning Marvel for the return of Wendell Vaughn as Quasar.

I was part of a group that sent the Hallowed Hallways of Marvel the “Bring Back Wendell” Cake as well as t-shirts and petitions.

I like to think Marvel responded favorably by bringing back Wendell Vaughn as Quasar in the pages of Nova (Richard Rider, that is).

So it seems at least that it’s possible to bring back your favorite character with enough rabid enthusiasm, and now fans are at it again, this time for Dredd 2.

Dredd, which starred Karl Urban, absolutely bombed at the box office, but it was received favorably by fans and critics alike.

To add to that, the screenwriter behind the movie didn’t rule out a Dredd 2, and Karl Urban recently stated home video sales sold well, with over 600,000.

Now the creators behind Dredd are getting into the action as well, as Rebellion is officially backing an online petition for Dredd 2.

A Facebook fan page has also been launched with well over 30,000 supporting the Dredd sequel.



Dear Tom Brevoort: Where Is The Cosmic Avenger Wendell Vaughn Quasar For Infinity?

Let’s see, the Avengers will be off planet when Thanos and his cosmic goons attack the Earth during Infinity.

Marvel’s answer is Luke Cage, Superior Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Blue Marvel, kid Power Man and Ultimate Spidey White Tiger?

I think it’s also been said that Daredevil will be thrown into the mix as part of Earth’s last line of defense as well as Loeb’s NINO Nova.

So is Marvel saying then that the Earth is doomed?

How about getting the Cosmic Avenger – the Avatar of Infinity – Wendell Vaughn Quasar into the loop?





NINO Nova Gets New Creative Team! Bye Bye Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness!

Hey, Marvel — anytime you want to call DnA back for Nova I’m sure they would love to come back on board for Nova.

Same for Guardians of the Galaxy.

And same for all of us fans!

Recently, a new writer and artist was announced for the Bendis/McNiven Guardians of the Galaxy with Sara Pichelli coming on art chores as of issue #4 and Neil Gaiman co-writing as of issue #5.

It hasn’t been stated if McNiven will be back, and it hasn’t been stated how long Gaiman will be on board.

Now, news surfaces that Jeph Loeb has exited Nova as well as Ed McGuinnessafter only two issues being published.

In their place will be new writer Zebb Wells and new artist Paco Medina who begin starting in July with Nova #6 for five issues.

The reason cited for Loeb leaving was that he wanted to concentrate on Marvel TV and such (so why did Ed leave then???).

More than likely – and this is my opinion – Marvel received the orders for subsequent issues of Nova – that didn’t have a billion covers – and they weren’t up to par with Loeb and McGuinness‘ pay grade.

Ditto with Guardians of the Galaxy and McNiven (and eventually Bendis as well).

Bendis actually posted a similar reason on his Facebook when Moon Knight was canceled in that the book no longer kept up with what his pay requirements were, but that they were only on Moon Knight for 12 issues as it was.

Yeah, sure.

Cosmic Book News and fans have been telling Marvel literally for years that their new “pseudo-Cosmic” wouldn’t work.

Loeb has been known to be taking over Marvel Cosmic for the past couple years and was the reason cited for the complete cancelation of the previous line.

Now he’s off the book after a couple issues?

Great job, Axel Alonso, Stephen Wacker and company.

Oh, Wacker offered the following (via Newsarama) about Wells’ Nova (bold my own):

We have a group of writers now who have been together for a few years. We’re trying to break down those walls a little bit, so there’s not just ‘cosmic books’ that deal with ‘cosmic things.’ I’m more excited to see Nova meet Daredevil, or meet the Hulk — mix the waters a bit,” Wacker says, praising the ability of both Loeb and Wells at handling those types of stories.

Still no clue, Stephen?

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Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Annihilation Event Book Premium Edition Now Available

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6061:]]First announced back in December of 2011, the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Annihilation Event Book is now available.

Players can play as various cosmic characters including Nova, Quasar, Drax and even Beta Ray Bill.

The premium edition is a 384 page hardcover also featuring art from the series.

A digital Essentials version is available as well at a discounted price.

You can order the Annihilation Event Book from Amazon.

If anyone picks this up stop by our Forums and let us know how it is.


Here’s the info via Margaretweis.com:

A wave of invaders from the Negative Zone spreads from galaxy to galaxy, bringing chaos and ruin to everything in its path. Starfaring empires and intergalactic peacekeeping forces are torn asunder. When Annihilus and his conquering hordes threaten even mighty Galactus, can your cosmic heroes hope to stop the Annihilation Wave?

MARVEL HEROIC ROLEPLAYING Event Books capture the drama and action of pivotal Marvel Universe blockbuster events, with hero and villain datafiles, detailed sourcebook entries, and story material. Rewrite history, make your own choices, and change your hero’s fate. With MARVEL HEROIC ROLEPLAYING Event Books, the worlds of What If? are yours to explore.

This Premium Edition Event Book includes:
Operations Manual: Easy to learn game rules for playing characters from the Marvel Universe and playing out your favorite Marvel Blockbuster Events!
Annihilation: Based on the sweeping cosmic saga of the blockbuster Annihilation storyline! Cosmic-level heroes and villains rising up against the invasion. Includes rules to scale up the game to cosmic level as well as key game Milestones and interstellar locations you expect from such a star-shattering event.

Hero Datafiles:  Game play sheets for many of your favorite cosmic Marvel Super Heroes, from fan-favorites like Nova and Quasar to the awe-inspiring Heralds of Galactus!

For two to eight players, ages 13 and up. Requires game dice.

Written by Cam Banks, Joseph Blomquist, Dave Chalker, Jason Corley, John Donoghue, Rob Donoghue, Matt Forbeck, Matthew Gandy, Dean Gilbert, Will Hindmarch, Richard Hirsch, Judd Karlman, Mike Lafferty, Brad McMillan, Philippe-Antoine Menard, Jack Norris and Morgan Peer.

MWP 6201 – ISBN: 978-1-936685-22-6
Hardcover – Color – 384 Pages


Avengers #8 Cover Features the Star Brand

Marvel revealed the cover for Dustin Weaver’s Avengers #8 where we see the Star Brand!

We know from other solicits that Jonathan Hickman is reviving the New Universe in some capacity, but exactly what and how much remains to be seen.

As a long time fan of Mark Gruenwald’s Quasar, I’m curious to see if there will be any references, as Gru featured the Star Brand with Wendell Vaughn bringing it to the Marvel Universe as a means to escape the New Universe. Eventually, the Living Tribunal intervened and banned the power; however, I have yet to read the Warren Ellis take, so not exactly sure how this could go.

(via CBR)