Finally! We Get A Marvel Legends Quasar Action Figure!



I’ll say it! It’s about dang time!

We finally are getting a Wendell Vaughn Quasar Marvel Legends action figure!

Hasbro revealed the following image featuring Quasar in his Realm Of Kings/Annihilators costume (post-Annihilation) along with figures for Hydro Man, Rogue and Morbius The Living Vampire.

The figures are a part of the 3.75 inch line.

According to Hasbro Pulse, the figures will arrive August 2016.

If any Hasbro designers read this, do me a favor and fix Quasar’s hair! Still, I’m happy and it looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to take to the skies with good ol’ Quasar and Richard Rider Nova!

You can order Realm of Kings through Amazon.