SyFy’s Ghost Hunters International, Monster Man & Fact or Faked Sneak Peek Previews For 3/21 & 4/17


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:909:]]SyFy sent over the following sneak peek preview videos for episodes of Ghost Hunters International, Monster Man and Fact or Faked.

Monster Man will have to satisfy my craving for reality based makeup and special effects TV, as Face Off just saw the conclusion of its second season. Good news is that Face Off returns this Summer.

Regarding Monster Man, it is a bit more “pesonality” driven than Face Off, but it seems to be entertaining, and I do enjoy the behind the scenes aspects.


In Ghost Hunters International, Bary and Kris examine a cemetery where possessed students were  buried underground. They call out to paranormals and ask them make their presence known and suddenly they hear loud cricket noises come from out of nowhere. Not easily impressed, Bary asks the paranormal to stop the noises and it does. Continue to watch til the end of the sneak peek to see what else happens when Kris asks them to come with something better.
In Monster Man, a client does not seem happy with the color choice of the fur that will be used in an upcoming costume. Cleve tries his best to appease the client and manages to do so by bringing his expertise in to the mix. Tune in to the all new episode and watch as things get hairy as Cleve and the crew craft a lycanthrope. 
In Fact or Faked, stories of the paranormal are all around us and one team will confront the unknown. Tune in for an all new season on Tuesday, April 17th at 9/8c.
Ghost Hunters International – Airs – Wednesday, March 21st @ 9/8c
”˜Ghoul’s School: American Samoa’ – Sneak Peek

Monster Man – Airs – Wednesday, March 21st @ 10/9c on Syfy
”˜Forbidden Werewolf’ – Sneak Peek

Fact or Faked – Season Premieres – Tuesday, April 17th @ 9/8c on Syfy
”˜Reason to Believe’